Holiday Movie Review: Akki, The Soldier, Is Never Off Duty!

Reviewing the movie which turns out to be a pleasant surprise in terms of Akshay’s acting and action sequences. With its many flaws, the movie is still a decent watch for its fast pace and amazing action.

Akshay Kumar is back!!

Yes, the same old Akshay known for his dare-devil stunts and larger-than-life action sequences is back to entertain us all with his new movie, Holiday – A Soldier Is Never off Duty. After a long time he has done a role which seems to be tailor-made for him. It does have its funny moments but those are few and far between. At the end of the day, it’s a slick action movie catering to the action bug in all of us.

The movie directed by Ghajini director, A. Murugadoss, is a Hindi remake of Tamil flick, Thuppakki. It is about an Army officer, Virat Bakshi(Akshay Kumar) who comes to his hometown on a vacation. But a sequence of events lead him to work on a mission to save his city from the deadly terrorist sleeper cells who suddenly got active to create mayhem. The movie has patriotism written all over but isn’t preachy or over the top. The smooth pace of the movie makes action even more exciting and except for some minor flaws, the movie is thoroughly entertaining.

Akshay has been talking about the army and their role in our lives during film’s promotions and the movie exactly walks the talk. The way terrorism is displayed and how law-enforcement works to counter them, might seem a bit fictional but then it can be over-looked. With Sumeet Raghavan as his buddy-cop and Govinda in a guest appearance, Akshay has got good support. Freddy Daruwala who debuts as a villain with the movie has done an ok job but doesn’t leave an impression. The only thing that weakens the movie to some extent is Sonakshi Sinha’s role or the whole love-angle. In movies like these, romance generally slows down the pace and we wonder why did Sonakshi do this role? Money, perhaps! As she is nothing more than a decorative piece in the movie, she could have done a couple of item numbers instead to fill the glamour quotient.

In the end, it is an out and out Akshay Kumar entertainment. The conviction, sincerity and efforts that he has brought to the role are praise-worthy. Director Murugadoss’s new venture after the stupendous success he tasted with Ghajini has brought in his signature style of action and is surely going to leave a mark in audiences’ heart. Mind it guys, the movie is almost three hours long and the inculsion of songs and romance does make it look longer but action scenes and tight screenplay does cover up for these minor hindrances.

We love to see this side of Akshay Kumar and are glad that he has given us a good film to watch. This can definitely be a one-time watch, purely for its action!

Enjoy another super dose of Akki style adventure guys!

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