Hate Story2 Trailer Launch: It’s All About More Thrills, More Oomph, More Sex!!

The first trailer of Hate Story 2 which is a launch pad for TV actor Jay Bhanushali and provides first lead role in Hindi movies for TV and Punjabi flick heroine, Surveen Chawla.

This pretty much sums up the first trailer of the up-coming flick, Hate Story 2. The first installment released in 2012 also had almost the same ingredients and did a decent business. Probably the reason for the sequel!

However, this time the cast is different and looking raunchier than before. This will be the debut of TV actors, Jay Bhanushali and Surveen Chawla. Among the two, Surveen has done some Punjabi movies and has already raised the temperatures in those flicks with her sensual acts. Guess that is the reason she got this movie and seems to be doing justice to her role. We don’t mind as long as she promises to raise the already sizzling temperatures!

At the launch the stars gave interviews and sound bytes and that’s what made us think about the changing scenario around us. Jay mentioned that it was difficult for him to shoot the bold intimate scenes and he was able to do them only with Surveen’s help and co-operation. On the other hand, Surveen was as cool as a cucumber in regards to the whole brouhaha about the hotness quotient rising a notch higher with her kisses and intimate moments. Isn’t this an interesting fact that men are becoming un-comfortable with such acts while women are becoming Pro at the game? Well, guys, you need to find your mojo, real soon!!

Coming back to the trailer, it has Sushant Singh playing the baddie and with the looks of it, he sure has done a good job. The makers have used the modern version of a sensuous number from the hit Vinod KhannaMadhuri Dixit starrer, Dayavan. The original song had Madhuri’s most famous smooch of her career and symbolically it fits in a movie boasting of sex and thrills!  It remains to be seen if while listening to the song, people will focus on current hottie Suvreen or Madhuri’s memories are going to be rekindled.

The dialogues are bold and meet the genre of the movie to create the shock element. The movie is directed by Vikram Bhatt’s assistant on his earlier movies, Vishal Pandya. Apart from the locations and production values, he has made sure that beds are given the importance they deserve in a movie like this! “winkwink”

As per Suvreen, times are changing and as audience, we should not give too much importance to such bold acts. We couldn’t agree with her more. One advice, keep doing such roles and we won’t mind one bit!

The movie will be released soon and till then you guys can watch the trailer and let us know if you mind the sexuality or not.

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