Happy Birthday To The Ultimate Fashionista, Sonam Kapoor

Wishing Sonam Kapoor on her birthday and talking about her image of being a fashionista! She is known more for her fashion consciousness than acting skills.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Sonam Kapoor!

A dreamy eyed girl, many a times butt of the jokes for being over-weight, slowly but firmly has carved out a niche for herself in the big bad world of films! Sonam Kapoor has come a long way from being a fat daughter of one of the greatest superstars India has produced, Anil Kapoor, to what she has become today. Millions of girls idolize her for her fashion sense and seem to copy every move of hers.

Ideally, Indian heroines are known for their looks and followed for their acting skills. Very few have been able to catch the imagination of youth across the country like Sonam has. Of course, she hasn’t made her mark as an actress despite being part of some of the biggest movie projects, but her styling sense and the way she carries herself, is talk of the town. Every girl wants to take styling tips from her, wants to emulate her in the way she dresses up.

However, we were wondering if there is anyone who is not really happy with the kind of clothes she wears. See, at all the important social events, we spot Sonam wearing large gowns or longer than long saris or gorgeous yet difficult to handle dresses! At such times, we are sure her laundry guys must be getting irritated and frustrated with the thought of those expensive attires getting dirty. After all, it is their monotonous responsibility to wash and clean after Ms. Kapoor is done flaunting those dresses. Must be a very difficult job guys, right? It seems, that should be the real reason for Sonam sporting a sexy bikini in her last movie, Bewakoofiyan! She might have got the hint of the torture her laundry guys go through so she decided to shed as many clothes as possible. Well, the idea didn’t work for the movie but who cares! Sonam got oodles of attention, more than ever actually!

A simple analysis can help Sonam to understand that to get real popularity, she needs to shed clothes, and not keep on wearing more and more of them. For guys, they don’t understand women’s fashion; they are only interested in “who” is wearing those clothes. As far as her female following is concerned, all one can hope is girls start imitating her bikini spectacle and the world will have more and more fitter, healthier, girls all around! After all, to get into a bikini, most girls will follow a healthy lifestyle, isn’t it?

Jokes apart, it is a real pleasure to see gorgeous Sonam in all those lovely dresses and making a mark on the fashion circuit. She is an inspiration to so many girls, hope she keeps soaring higher in life to be able to bring a substantial change around her.

Wishing her again, Many Happy Returns of the Day! Cheers!!


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