Gauhar Khan’s Matrimonial Strategy For Bigg Boss 8!

Gauhar Khan’s elder sister Nigaar Khan has entered Bigg Boss recently and she is single. May be Gauhar must have suggested her to find a partner the way she found Kushal!

You guys must be surprised as to why are we talking about Gauhar Khan who was a part of and winner of Bigg Boss 7!

Well don’t be, as she has a major role to play in the current proceedings of Bigg Boss 8.

After all, she is a major match-maker and a real considerate human being, we say!

So we all know Gauhar’s elder sister, Nigaar Khan has just entered Bigg Boss 8 as a wild card entry and is slowly catching the attention of viewers as well as the house mates.


We think the credit for the same goes to none other than Gauhar!

She is such a nice girl who has been through this hell of being in the reality show that she must have thought why to suffer alone? Give elder sister also a taste of this bitter medicine! But as they say, bitter medicines are required for better health, right? That’s exactly the idea, you know! The hidden strategy, the master stroke, the ultimate Brahamastra!

Again confused?

Let’s make it easier for you.

Gauhar participated in the reality show and not only did she win it, she also found her soul-mate, her supposedly life-partner there in Kushal Tandon! It is a different matter that they keep breaking off and making up again and again to the level of yawning interest in their life, but at least she found someone with whom she is going steady for almost a year.


Nigaar is also supposedly single and isn’t as popular as Gauhar.

The younger sister must have thought to do some bhala of her lovely didi and that’s why must have convinced her to go inside the house, if not to win, but to at least find some guy for her! She is of marriageable age anyways, right?

Going by Nigaar’s behaviour inside the house, it seems she has got some serious coaching from Gauhar. She must have been taught to poke people, provoke them un-necessarily, argue for valid and in-valid reasons for as long as her voice supports screaming and shouting. Once voice loses the stamina, tears are always there to give ample support for act two of the histrionics-filled drama!

Gauhar must have told her that this is the easiest way of being in focus to remain inside the house for a long long time. Also, it gives the potential matrimonial candidates inside the house a good enough display of Nigaar’s nagging, fighting, arguing skills which can sometimes cross all the irritation levels bearable by a living human being!

After watching this side of Nigaar, the guy who can still love her, want her, desire her as a life-partner will definitely be the right guy for her! As for the world, he will be a messiah! What else can you name a guy who will take the responsibility of handling such a girl for life?

You see, Nigaar is on her path to find the right man for herself, winning the show can happen or not happen or whatever; that’s not the objective! So let’s see which one amongst the male contestants will bite the bullet and get close to her!

Did someone just say Upen Patel? Hmmm..

We will see!

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