5 Ways To Carry Those Super Curly Hair

Curly Hair

A lot of girls vie for curly hair but once you have them, it’s really hard to handle them.

But come on, you cannot afford to go out of style, right?

So, if you have super curly hair and are running out of styles to carry them, here I have some ideas that you can follow.

1. The side braid

Curls have the power to make even the simplest of hairstyles look complicated. So, simply take all your hair on one side of the neck, make a fish tail braid and leave it like that.

Curly Hair

2. Low Side Bun

Make a side partition and gather all your hair at the side of bigger part. Now twist all those hair together create rounds. Once it is totally wrapped, fix it with pins and you are good to go.

Curly Hair

3. The layer pony

Brush only your top hair so that they stay flat and then pull all your hair back. Leave a long flick in front with a short one. Now tie your hair behind and take that long flick to wrap around that knot. You are ready!

Curly Hair

4. Multiple buns

Create three vertical sections of your hair. Now, start from the top and tie the first section into a bun. Repeat the same with the second and third sections. After that, put your accessories on and you will be all set.

Curly Hair

5. Just a bandana

Take a bandana and tie it on your forehead like a tiara. Now leave all your hair open and slay the world in style.

Curly Hair

You are already blessed with your amazing curls and it’s enough to make the world envy you. And with these pretty hairstyles, I am sure you will kill a few fashionistas.

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