Filmistaan Movie Review: Is This Worthy Of A National Award?

Reviewing the movie which is a true gem among the current crop of movies coming out. Its journey from being conceived, winning various awards and finally getting released.

India and Pakistan!

Mention these words and there is plenty of emotional rush inside all of us, mostly flowing in a river of anger, hatred, sarcasm, frustration and much much more. Here comes a movie which, with its simplicity and right emotional quotient cools all that down and what remains is a sense of bonding, love and true brotherhood!

Filmistaan is a movie made with a heart to touch your heart without being loud or overtly-peppy about it. Sunny (Sharib Hashmi) is a film-buff, a struggling actor whose life is nothing but cinema. On an assignment in the deserts of Rajasthan, he mistakenly gets kidnapped by terrorists and taken to Pakistan. There he befriends a local guy, Aftab (Innamulhaq), equally passionate about movies dealing in smuggling pirated Hindi movies for local Pakistani population.

With his fate hanging in balance, his life in the hands of dreaded terrorists, we expect Sunny to be scared. But far from it, the love for cinema flowing in his veins keep manifesting itself in all the impossible situations. Out of nowhere comes out his cinematic passion to make us laugh, to entertain, to make us feel for him. But nowhere feel pity for him. In fact we thoroughly enjoy the process where he brings out in subtle emotions the similarities between our two countries. How movies and cricket are worshipped across both the borders, how people are similar, how emotions are all the same, is brought out in such a fine manner in the story and screenplay written by first time director, Nitin Kakkar! And Sharib Hashmi’s dialogues are like icing on the cake. Absolutely bang-on with the local flavor as well as humor firmly intact.

The movie has already won various International Awards including our prestigious National Award but the journey to reach amidst the audience has been pretty long and tough. However it is such a pleasure to be a part of such thought-provoking cinema which not only soothes the eyes but touches the right chords of the heart and soul as well.

Performance wise Sharib proves to be an all rounder! As much as his comedy makes one laugh, his emotional scenes make one think about the whole situation and the irony of it all. Innamulhaq has given him an amazing support by playing a character that is so endearing. Among support cast, Kumud Mishra playing the role of dreaded terrorist, Mehmood is a treat to watch.

The movie has a right blend of humor, satire, emotions looking at the whole Indo-Pak situation from a different angle. An angle which politicians must explore and use to bring the people together, for a strong bonding and harmony.

For us movie-buffs, this is a must, must watch! Not everyday a movie comes which has its heart in the right place and brains too.

Go ahead folks; make sure you watch it ASAP! For Cine-maa’s sake!!

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