Do These Legendary Dialogues of Bollywood Villains Still Scare You?

Few of the famous dialogues of Bollywood villains over the years which used to scare people. Now, most of us just laugh at them. There is a need for more such menacing one-liners though!

Bollywood’s villains are no ordinary bad people!

Badness gets defined by their actions, clothes and the dialogues they spit out of their menacing looking mouths!

It is no surprise then that some of the most famous villains of Hindi film industry have remained in public memory only due to their famous one-liners.

We thought let’s check out if these dialogues can still scare the shit out of you or have they become hilarious one-liners.

1) Prem naam hai mera.. Prem Chopra!

This dialogue used to create havoc in women’s life for it was uttered by the original rapist of Bollywood, Prem Chopra! Guess, Salman Khan took it on himself to soothe the nerves of females all over by becoming the on-screen Prem in most of his films!  Now everyone seems to be in love with Prem, right?

2) Itni mazedaar cheez bhagwan ke liye chhod doon? Kabhi nahi!

On-screen baddie Ranjeet took the initiative of bringing sinister humor even in a ghastly act of rape. Even after decades of mouthing such lines, he is still identified with such roles and dialogues.

3) Saara shehar mujhe lion ke naam se jaanta hai

Well, actor Ajit spoke these lines all those years ago and made villains immortal in Bollywood!  But we are glad that not many people had the audacity to follow his style or we would be having many more villains calling themselves leopards or zebras or who knows, may be giraffes!

4) Kitne aadmi the?

Who can forget this dialogue spoken in such a simple yet menacing tone by none other than Gabbar Singh, i.e. Amjad Khan in the biggest hit of Indian cinema, Sholay! This dialogue for sure has the potential to teach counting to an illiterate, isn’t it?

5) Mogambo khush hua!

Never before was the happiness of a villain celebrated the way it was in Mr. India by the most over-the-top, but most loved as well villain of Bollywood, Mogambo! Amrish Puri nailed it with his big eyes and throaty laughter. Aren’t we all used to mimicking him in front of our friends and family when we are super happy?

6) Bad Man!

Two words, that’s all! Gulshan Grover’s dialogue from Ram-Lakhan took the villainy to new heights! Who needs lengthy sentences to describe oneself when the job can be done more efficiently with fewer words? Intelligent villain or a less literate one? ‘Wink’wink’

7) Goli nahi maarenge saale ko, keh ke lenge!

This latest ‘keh ke lenge..’ by Manoj Bajpayee in Gangs of Wasseypur has caught the attention of an entire nation like nothing else in recent times. This super-bold intention of screwing someone’s life after informing him definitely marks the coming of age of villains in Bollywood!  

In recent years, the villains have lost a bit of their charm as far as their killer dialogues go. We really wish those one-liners make a come-back for they can really generate some seeti-bajao moments! What say?

Any new ones you remember of the latest breed?

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