These 5 Things That Women Say Mean Totally Opposite Of What They Sound

things that women say

Things that women say – Women are the simplest most complex beings on the planet.

Confusing enough?

Well, not really. Women are innocent, they express ultrasonically well which kind of means that they say something else and the meaning is ‘slightly’ different from what they said.

For example, a NO might mean no, may be, yes or nothing at all. It’s just that the opposite person has to guess ‘correctly’ and then react accordingly.

Here are some examples of things that women say which can have the same or reversed meaning; it all depends on her mood.

Things that women say –

  1. Go Have Fun = Don’t Dare step out of your place: When a woman tells you to go have fun and ‘enjoy yourself’ you better not go out and definitely should not enjoy. She says this to you when she seriously doesn’t want you to make any outing plan successful. This is the way she gives you the final warning and chance to abort your mission. The consequences are hard to tolerate, so don’t blame her later.
  1. I am Okay = I am ready to kill: If you guys had an argument and you later ask her if she’s okay and she replies that she is okay, you must know that she is NOT okay and if given a chance, she will surely pull your guts out of your structure. She is in a dangerous mood when she says she’s fine. You better be prepared for the after-effects. 
  1. I am Sorry = you should apologies ASAP: If she says she is sorry about something, she wants an indirect sympathy from you which also includes your saying that ‘Baby it’s my fault, I am sorry’. This is the straight reply she wants from you, if you reply “Its’ Okay” to her then she will get even more mad at you and probably would start howling and crying anytime soon. 
  1. Leave me alone = Better stay with me: If your girl tells you to leave her alone and leave, do not just leave her alone, no matter how seriously she says it you’ve got to stick to her. She might get really wild at you but she’s your girl and you’ve signed up for dealing with all her mood swings. 
  1. I hate you = I love you, love me: Your girl literally means that she loves you a hell lot when she says that she hates you. She rather wants you to love her for that. This one is a bit too complicated for most of the people to understand but the highest version of saying I love you for a woman is to say I hate you. You’ve got to understand. 

These are a few things that women say, complex and complicated sentences women utter to their men (mostly) which have different meanings than what they sound like.

Hence, it has been proved that women are mysteriously interesting beings on our planet.

Don’t you agree?

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