What Guys Discuss With Their Best Friends When Girls Are Not Around

Guys Discuss With Their Best Friends

Just like girls become a totally different person and talk about weird things with their girl gang, guys do the same.

Well, believe it or not, but every guy has to behave a little in front of girls but just when they are all alone with their guy gang, the discussions are totally different from what you can expect.

I am sure a lot of girls are intrigued now that what guys discuss with their best friends when girls are not around.

Well, here’s a sneak peek into some of those things:

Guys discuss with their best friends –

1. Let’s start body building to impress girls

No matter how many times guys say in front of you that they are building their body for themselves, it’s not the truth. Whenever they are all alone with their guy gang, they always discuss what type of body they need to make to impress more girls.

2. How is that new Xbox game

Whether it is a teenager or grown up adult, guys are always interested in gaming. It can either be a PS or an Xbox game, but it always has to be something interesting and full of action. They may not discuss about those games in front of you, but that’s the hot topic when they are alone.

3. Did you see those fighting scenes in that movie?

Guys don’t care about the genre of movie they see, they are always interested in the fighting scenes of that movie. So, just when they come back home and talk to their friends, it’s all about how that action scene was performed.

4. I need a girlfriend

This is what only a single guy would say to his guy friends because come on, who doesn’t need a girlfriend? They all just keep tracking which girl they find attractive and if she is available or not.

5. Let’s booze

Well, that is where the plans of all guys end up at – With a drink in hand. They might make a lot of plans about various things, but every time it revolves around alcohol.

This is what guys discuss with their best friends.  I am sure if you girls are really close to your guy friends, then they may discuss all this in front of you too. Also, not every guy is the same so maybe some of them don’t discuss these things at all. But for sure, majority of guys discuss these things and yeah, they don’t gossip at all girls.

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