Breaking News For Tomorrow: Shahrukh Khan Discards His Old Underwear For New Underwear!


Whoa! Hope you guys didn’t fall off your chairs or beds or wherever you are, after reading this potential breaking news!

Well, it is indeed a potential breaking news, with a very high expectancy of coming true, soon, really very soon!

After all, the way the latest controversy about Shahrukh Khan and musician duo Vishal-Shekhar is playing out in the media, it is no wonder then that the next time SRK decides to buy a new pair of underwear or discards his toilet paper (if he uses one in order to save water and be a good citizen!!), it will become hot news.

By now everyone knows that king of Bollywood has just ‘kicked out’ or ‘shown the door’ or ‘discarded’ Vishal-Shekhar and brought in Pritam for his next film with Rohit Shetty. Well, frankly the words used to describe the parting of ways are not respectful towards either of the parties.

Shahrukh Khan And Rohit Shetty

Shahrukh Khan And Rohit Shetty

Allow us to explain.

Firstly, Vishal-Shekhar are not newcomers or those music directors whose existence in Bollywood is only because of SRK. They have been around since 1999 and given music in more than 40 films, out of which only four movies are with Shahrukh. Hence, they deserve more respect than being shown as some small time music guys who depend on a big brand for their survival. And mind you, their music in practically every movie has been different, edgy, and stylish and has connected well with the youth of the country.

Vishal Shekhar

Vishal Shekhar

Secondly, Shahrukh himself is a creative guy who has been around for more than two decades and has worked with different kind of filmmakers, music directors, lyricists, choreographers, etc and is not known to stoop so low to go around kicking people out of his projects for his ego trips. Even if he did find the duo not up to the mark and had some differences, he has every right to select someone else. After all, we all can agree to disagree, right?

The point is this is a creative field and not just a place to make money. In creative endeavours, it is important that one works with as many different talents as possible. The resulting chemistry of two talented minds can create some wonders which are not possible if you keep working with the same set of brains in a comfort zone! Pritam has his own way of creating music and once his creative spark meets SRK’s, something new will be created. It might or might not work, but then it is true for any creative process.



We guess all these highly talented people should be left to do their jobs with the best of their capabilities. This unnecessary politics of who kicked out and why and what will be the repercussions can only lead to gossip without having any positive outcome.

Let’s wait and watch for the new magic to happen!

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