Eat These Dietary Foods And Keep Your Body As Fit As Multitalented Virat Kohli!

When it comes to being a sportsman, besides the hardwork and dedication on and off the field, the other important aspect that goes into is ‘“ diet.

When it comes to being a sportsman, besides the hardwork and dedication on and off the field, the other important aspect that goes into is – diet.

Yes, diet is a link between a good nutrition and its impact on sportspersons these days. With the help of a proper routine workout and doubled that with a healthy diet, one can achieve higher fitness levels and can be categorised as a sportsperson.

If one has to achieve the levels of a thorough sportsperson, a nutritionally sufficient diet is necessary irrespective of whether you a top notch athlete, an occasional player or just a daily visitor at the gym.

A healthy combination of all the essential nutrients helps one to gain stamina and energy to sustain long in their game, just like our superstars on the fields!

So what it takes to achieve a physique like Cristiano Ronaldo or maintain great flexibility like Virat Kohli? Well, it takes a variety of foods to be energetic and be a successful sportsperson. Carbohydrates are not the only food an athlete requires, the likes of Vitamins, minerals, protein, and fats also play an equally important role.

These are the foods that a sportsperson`s diet should include. Check them out:

1. Carbohydrates:
When one talks of ‘carbhs’, the likes of wholegrain breads and cereals come to the mind. Carbhohydrates serve the body’s primary energy source. These foods are rich in carbohydrates:

Whole Wheat Pasta, Macaroni, Spaghetti
Oatmeal, Potatoes, Fruit juice, sweet corn and bananas
Corn Bread
Whole Wheat Cakes with Fig Compote
Rajma Chawal

2. Protein:
Another important part of a sportsman’s diet is protein intake. Protein plays a key role in post-exercise recovery and repair. Some protein-rich recipes:

Egg white
Peanut butter cookies

3. Vitamins:
Vitamins are one of the main ingredients of a supplementary diet. It is essential to eat a balanced diet to get the required quantities of calcium and iron along with vitamins and minerals to help remain energetic and strong. The following foodstuffs are rich in vitamins and minerals for the requirement of sportsperson:

Vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, leeks, broccoli, peas, cabbage and beans
Almonds, dates

4. Water:
One of the most important requirements in a sportsperson’s diet – water. The need for water and fluids differs from one person to another since everybody has a variant metabolism. In order to avoid dehydration, drinking plenty of fluids before, during and after exercise is very important. The following fresh juices can pump up some energy during your game:

Pomegranate Juice
Tomato Juice
Lemon juice

In order to avoid bulk and overweight, foods that are junk and aerated like caffeine, fried and fatty foods must be a big ‘no-no’.

With the above requirements, a sportsperson’s diet can not only be met but also can be turned into.

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