Things You Should Never Say To A Gym Freak

Gym Freak

Whether it is your boyfriend, best friend, husband, brother or any other person you know on this earth, if he is a gym freak then he really is one and you better not mess with him.

Those who spend most of their day at gym and don’t miss on it in any condition are very possessive about it.

Yes, more possessive than they are about their girlfriends. This is the reason why you should think twice before saying a few things to them.

Well, only if you don’t want them to try whatever they practiced in gym on you.

1. Is it just to impress girls?

There is no doubt in the fact that girls love fit guys but that doesn’t mean all guys workout just to impress girls. There is many more benefits of staying fit and gymming than just girls dying for your perfect body. So, don’t irritate the man who has been working out.

2. Oh, Protein Body!

Gymming means working out, sweating off and spending each second in building the body in the fittest manner. Now, when you call it a protein body, do you think that the man who has been working out hard is going to spare you? NO!

3. How do you get so much of time?

Some people like to show that they are very busy in life and that’s the reason why they don’t go to a gym. This is the reason why they keep on asking the gym lovers how they manage to take out so much of time. Guys, all you need is a little passion towards being fit.

4. You must be getting a lot of girls, huh?

Okay, I agree that girls easily fall for the guy who goes to gym but does that mean you need to surround their whole hard work towards girls? It really pisses them off so please don’t.

5. What exercise should I do for my beer belly?

He is a gym freak, he loves hitting the gym and he works out a lot, but that doesn’t make him a fitness expert. So, next time you need a fitness advice, either Google it or hire a fitness expert for yourself.

The guy who has been working hard in gym is really never interested in listening to crap. So, take a few precautionary measures and don’t say these things to him because you really force him to hit you.

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