Amrita Rao: I would never cross my limits, even for the sake of my job!

Amrita Rao chats up a storm with us and talks about everything (err’¦well almost) that matters to her’¦

From the girl next door in Ishq Vishq to the fiery activist in Satyagraha, Amrita Rao will be now seen taking charge of the mike as a reporter in Singh Saab The Great which releases today. She chats up a storm with us and talks about everything (err…well almost) that matters to her…

Did you ever want to become a journalist in real life?

Actually never, it was always a secret dream to become an actress. I was that kid who every time she stepped out of the theatre screens; she had stars in her eyes…

Tell me something about your character in the film

I play this news reporter who has this heavy eastern UP accent. She is the one who exposes Singh Saab (Sunny Deol) in the film as she knows his real face. She’s the narrator in the movie wherein she’s recounting her experiences with Singh Saab. In fact Anil (Sharma) gave me a chance to play Sunny’s wife as well but I chose this role as I felt I could do a lot with it. I took workshops for my accent and focused on my styling. In fact there’s this journo from Aaj Tak who really inspired me. She was my reference point for the film.

You just said that you and your stylist worked hard on your look, so will we get see you in the typical reporter type Khaadi-kurta avatar?

Not really. I am wearing these checkered shirts and light sweaters in the film, which are symbolic of winter. I have teamed all this up with Indian earrings and a nose ring – it was a mix of ethnic choices and modern statements. I ride a scooty in the film, so she’s not exactly a small town girl who is confined to the rural ways of life. She’s out there and ambitious.

If you were reporter in real life, what kind of a writer you would be, one who resorts to yellow journalism or the one who goes out of her way to find the truth…

I think if I was a journo, I would want to make a difference to somebody and do justice to an issue in a positive way. In the film there’s a part where I have done fake reporting to promote the truth. That really got me thinking about how many journos actually do this. If I was an entertainment journo, I would make sure to see the positive side, well, at least sometimes (laughs). I have realised in any kind of job, the minute you cross your limits, the situation worsens. For the sake of my job, I don’t think I would ever cross my limits.

How’s Sunny Deol as a co-star?

Sunny Deol as a co-star is thoroughly professional. Shooting an action film is not easy and there always used to be some or the other technical challenges on the sets, so I noticed that he is very patient. In short he has the strongest physique and the warmest smile.

Don’t you want to work with any of the new Bollywood kids – Arjun, Ranveer, Ayushmann, there are quite a few…

I would love to work with all of them. I have known Arjun for a long time. He’s hung around in the industry. I am really in awe of his motivation to transform his life. Not many people have the courage to take that step. I knew a very different Arjun Kapoor back then, and now he has completely repackaged himself as this ‘I am the new star’ guy.

Your sister Preetika Rao is entering the entertainment world; did you bother to give her any tips?

Ya she’s entering TV and is yet to sign a contract. My only advice to her would be to listen to her director very closely. And of course to take care of her diet as television shoots can be very gruelling.

What’s your style statement like?

Since we are in a profession wherein we are costumed all the time, I like to keep it comfortable and elegant in real life. I love jumpsuits; they are mix of being casual and dressy. I guess it’s quite a prerequisite for heroines these days to scale the style quotient and I am making all the efforts.

So can we say you will arrive with a bang with Singh Saab The Great?

Well, I was always right here. 2013 has been a great year; there was Jolly LLB and Satyagraha.  As I say jokingly ‘do hazaar tera hai par mera hai’. Hope 2014 is much better.

Broadcast reporters have to make sure they don’t mess up in front of the camera; did you face any difficulties while shooting such reporting scenes?

I remember once we shot in real rain and in the middle of the scene, while I was reporting, I couldn’t hear my own voice. It was almost like reporting on a real riot situation. Especially in our country with the kind of safety measures we have, being a reporter must be a real challenge. I salute girls who take up media as a profession and deal with odd working hours.

Critics have always dissected the body type of heroines, for some Vidya Balan is too fat and for the others Anushka Sharma is too skinny. Was your weight or the way you look ever scrutinised…?

Not really, initially when I entered, people used to say I was very thin, but I feel that’s much better than being fat. If you look at actors, nobody is perfect. What the audience really wants is the stars to have the ability to make them fall in love with the celeb. Whoever has managed to do that has sustained.

Will you ever do reality shows; will you ever do something like the Indian Bachelorette, the Mallika Sherawat show?

I have never followed anyone just ‘coz it’s a trend. There are heroines who also do item songs, but I have never done any till now. But again, as they say ‘never say never’.

What genre excites you the most; what kinda films you would like to do in the future?

I would love to do a thriller. You remember 100 days starring Madhuri Dixit, something like that. The films with those typical ’90s flavour. I would also love to do a ‘DDLJ’ or a ‘Dil toh pagal hai’ kinda romantic film; it’s been ages I have done one…

Why do you think Farah Khan hasn’t offered you any film yet? You guys were quite a team in Main Hoon Naa and your character received good reviews, what happened?

Farah is like my mom. I have a great equation with her. Every time a director scouts for a new face, they have a particular perception for a role; you don’t know what they want. So I guess I will just have to wait…

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