The Leftover Magic: Make This Amazingly Delicious Delight With Leftover Chapattis!

We often feel bad to throw away the leftover food in our kitchens. Here we bring you some mouth-watering recipes those can help you utilize all that stuff and cook some delicious snacks for self and your guests too.

We all have leftovers in the kitchen and they are not to be wasted or thrown in the bin!

They can be converted into delectable dishes for all-time-snacks or to treat the guests. Only if you have that magic to transform them completely into culinary art pieces! Yes we are talking sense. And here we prove that!

Well, if we run a traditional Indian kitchen, our palette is not complete without chapattis for lunch and dinner or bread for breakfast! Most of the times, we have those 2-3 chapattis left in the casserole or about a quarter loaf of bread lying in the refrigerator that has hardened and can’t be toasted for breakfast.

We tell you how to use these two imperative identities of your kitchen, as and when you have a little extra and don’t really have the heart to throw them away.

Leftover Chapatti Crafted Into Mouthwatering Tacos

Serves Two:

Take two leftover chapattis and smear them with cooking oil on both sides. Now put them one by one on a pre-heated tawa and let them roast on both sides till nice crispy brown, on a very slow flame.

While the chapattis are getting ready, let’s prepare the taco filling.

Heat a pan on other gas-burner, add two tablespoon of cooking oil. Add about one cup of finely chopped onions, about half a cup soft corn seeds and sauté them till they turn golden. Now add about a cup of finely chopped tomatoes to them and stir for about one minute. Remember, you don’t have to let the tomatoes go soft or pulpy, let them retain that little crunch for the zing. Now add a pinch of salt to taste, about half tea-spoon of chilli flakes (or as per your taste),  half table spoon of oregano, half table spoon of Italian herbs and mix well to give it all a smooth blend. When mixed properly, remove form flame and keep aside.

Now that the chapattis are ready, put each chapatti on separate plates. Spread a generous helping of the filling that you made on one half of the chapatti. Make sure the filling is still hot because you need to add a table-spoon full of butter on it, which should melt into the filling. Well, seeing the butter melt and vanishing in the appetizing vegetable spread is a sight in self. It makes my hunger peak to the highest. Now, coming back to the tacos! After the filling is evenly spread on half side of the chapatti, spread a generous dose of tomato ketchup over it and fold the other half over it. Secure the taco with a tooth-pick so that it doesn’t open while serving.

You can replace the chapattis with bread slices if you have them as leftovers in the kitchen. That is another variation to this yummy all-time-snack.

You can also have other variants to fillings as per your taste.

Trust me on this, they appear and taste so delicious that you will forget they are made out of leftovers. Serve them to your guests with tea or coffee and win their hearts! We shall bring you more such recipes that can help you utilize the stuff in kitchen which seems a waste. Keep an eye on this space.

Oh I can’t wait now.

I am drooling already.

Let me go and find any chapattis lying in the box.

You go create your magic.

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