Better Be a Vagabond Rather Slave to Money

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Success can be the main aim of every individual, but the meaning of success to each person is different. Mostly people judge success by their financial status and stability. Overall success and money are the most interrelated but do not matter if somehow it gives a monotonous life. Rather traveling as a vagabond requires a lump sum of money, that cannot be shown off to anyone. Perhaps slavery to money, it can be if traveling then no doubt there are fewer chances to show-off yourself as a financially stable person.

Traveling is entirely for self-motivation !!!! A kind of self-improvement that one should provide to themselves instead of spending a lifetime being a slave to earn money.
Earning money for livelihood is necessary but excessive involvement to success just for money will never provide the satisfaction which self-improvement has always been providing to a human mind.

What are the basic requirements that show differences?
Earning money should be a necessity not an addiction to gain power as a supreme in the man-made world. Making money beyond the necessity will bring stress and anxiety if the job or work platform does not encourage. Secondly, purchasing a property or any car can give security and fulfill the basic requirements. But if something happens for self-motivation it is through traveling or those who travel.
At the end of service or work-life, the work should matter not the money earned throughout life. Because one can hardly talk about their properties or earnings, but talking about experiences is outstanding.
The importance and happiness of a person increase with the confidence that is gained after several years of experience. What can slavery to money provide? Monetary wellness can add value to lifestyle and livelihood but it always extrudes a boundary. A discomfort and bags a few worries which will always remain unsolvable and exist lifelong. The money will help to purchase a jet from Mercedes but it will never allow a vagabond to grab the experience of the river sailing throughout the city of Venice.

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Learn about your likes and dislikes
Being rich is a dream of every individual, even the richest wants to stabilize their status furthermore. But at one time unwanted seeking of money chases to draw away the attention from the main motive. Indeed, all of us do not survive to only earn, time has changed with the thoughts to motivate ourselves to explore beyond simply getting rich. Spending on worldly branded items, no doubt it never brings them peace and quenches the thirst for satisfaction.
So, if you dislike growing rich beyond your requirements, rather spend time on knowledge and learning then traveling can be a source of a great experience for life. But few people are motivated to show supreme acts through money that will definitely provide no satisfaction to the soul.

Experiences that can act as nature therapy to the mind and last a lifetime. Exploring cultures of the local people of the country or any adventurous trekking throughout the forests will stay alive lifelong unlike the distressful isolation inside the expensive vehicles or houses that do not act as rejuvenating to the life of a vagabond.

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