Alia Bhatt Got A Hair Cut And Twitter Is Doing What It Is Good At!

Alia Bhatt got a hair cut

Alia Bhatt got a hair cut – The cute little actress of the B-town is well known for throwing the most adorable and amazing style statements to all the fashionistas, down the town.

Well-known for the best hair styles, Alia Bhatt got a hair cut –and posed for a magazine cover picture.

All this sounds common from an actress view point. But what was it – that twitteratis took over to nostalgic feels over that cover picture of the actress. Keep reading to know, what could be that hair cut of Alia that turned out to be hilarious memes all over. Check it out here.

It was Elle magazine 21st anniversary issue, which chose to have the B-town’s favorite Alia Bhatt on the cover page. This time the actress was seen in a different hair cut all together. To be precise – she spotted a summer cut with touch of retro.

Being the first time, the actress sporting such a different look – the twitterati took off what they were good of. Within no time, the picture of Alia Bhatt with the so-called ‘summer cut’ posing for the cover picture – had twitteratis take over. They all took the hair cut to be the most famous ‘katori look’, if the golden childhood is remembered of. Lol, most of them felt nostalgia, it seems 😛

The netizens made all sorts of nasty comparisons regarding the fringe cut hair of the actress. While they were many of her fans that loved her look and said that she looked super cute – they were lot many that trolled the picture and made it nasty meme worthy. All this started when Elle India has posted a picture of the actress in the fringe cut hair style.

It wrote ‘’ @aliaabhatt, the brightest spark in Bollywood, lights up the digital cover of our 21st anniversary issue!”And this is when exactly the twitteratistook to make some tweet while some called it a katori look and some to the strangerer cut. Here are some tweets.

Alia Bhatt got a hair cut recently-

  1. Well, Aliaa the Army girl then😉!!

Ashish Singh wrote ‘’ Pic 1: Girls before joining Army

Pic 2: Girls after joining Army

  1. Does it really matter?!

Imagination Junkie wrote ‘’ Friend: Hey Aliaa, nice haircut! Where did you get it from?

Alia: The Upside Down

  1. Hehe, LoL

Robin Good wrote ‘’ Alia Bhatt has a cameo in the next Ice-Age movie!!

Alia Bhatt got a hair cut

  1. LoL-ed

Nickhunterr wrote ‘’ If LoL has a face’’

  1. Nostalgia, maybe. Huhu

Pakchikpak Raja Rabu wrote ‘’When dad forcefully took you to salon as a kid and barber gave you the mushroom cut/katora cut.’’

Not so funny, though. These were some Lol-ed tweets that the twitteratis took. They made sure that there was no stone unturned.

Dear buddies, life is short. Try and experiment things. Because, if not now – then when?! Be it any haircut, hair style or any outfit – the darling of B-town looks cute always. Cutie little pie.

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