10 Actresses In A Hindi Movie! What Are They Trying To Shoot?


Bollywood is an exciting place to be!

It never ceases to entertain us, even with weird developments!

The latest to catch our attention is the casting for a new flick, the sequel for 2005 hit comedy, No Entry titled as No Entry Mein Entry!

The movie is waiting for a go-ahead from the darling of the masses, Salman Khan, but that is not what’s so exciting about it. It is the news that the film will have as many as 10 actresses that has made us sit up and take notice. According to director Aneez Bazmee, the film’s three lead actors Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor and Fardeen Khan will have double roles in the movie and a requirement of 10 actresses out of which the only one to be finalized as of now is the hot and sultry brand-new queen of horror movies, Bipasha Basu!

Seriously guys, we are wondering what kind of a crazily zany movie is this going to be that requires 6 heroes (double role, remember?) and 10 heroines? Recently Sajid Khan tortured us with his Humshakals with everyone having triple roles and many of us have still not got out of the trauma of watching it! Before that, the only flick that required so many actresses was Shahrukh Khan’s Chak De that dealt with women’s hockey and was one of the best sports movies ever made in India!

Now, going by the original flick, No Entry, its sequel surely seems to be one big rom-com with multiple affairs, extra-marital affairs and everything else possible in the name of love and lust!

The director said it will be a combination of established and newcomer actresses and we really hope that no matter what kinds of heroines are cast, they should be at least bearable! Obviously we are not looking for mighty talented girls giving their best in a movie associated with brain-less crass humour, but then there should be some quality given the fact that Anil Kapoor and Salman Khan are part of the movie! What? You mentioned Fardeen Khan? Well, yeah he is also there, but then we want girls who can perform better than him, any day!

This is definitely going to be one big casting rigmarole and one that will keep all the leading ladies as well as newcomers on their toes trying to grab a plum role. By now, most of them would have sent a hundred text messages to the director and all the leading men of the film cajoling, requesting and doing what not to be in the good books. In simple words, feelers (don’t think naughty now, ok?) must have been sent!

Let’s see when Salman allots date for this mega venture and how soon we are able to see the magic of so many girls wooing or getting wooed by these ageing hunks of Bollywood!

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