A Dead Civilization Comes to Hrithik’s Rescue: ‘˜Mohenjo Daro’ Will Turn His Fate!

Hrithik Roshan has been signed for Ashutosh Gowarikar’s next magnum opus, Mohenjo Daro for Rs.50 crores. This will easily make him the highest paid actor in Bollywood on purely remuneration basis.

You read it right, guys!

Hrithik nailed it right! And At the right time!

We all have read about historic civilization ‘Harappa and Mohenjo Daro’ in our history books and wondered about its highly sophisticated society. However that society was destroyed centuries ago but now, director Ashutosh Gowariker is trying to recreate that era in his next magnum opus, Mohenjo Daro!

Now, we also know how Hrithik Roshan is facing turbulent times in his personal life with his divorce from his wife Susanne Roshan making more news than his professional career. At such times, this new development that finally Mohenjo Daro is all set for shooting and that Hrithik might be paid a humungous amount of Rs. 50 crores as his acting fee comes as a breath of fresh air for him. This easily places Hrithik on the top of the highest paid actors list. Not only that, as per the terms, if he is made to shoot any extra day over and above his allotted dates, he will charge extra for it! But mind it, this is just about fees; we don’t know if there will be any profit-sharing arrangement as well or not. If that also happens, like with most other Bollywood A-listers, then it’ll be like an icing on the cake for this Greek-God of India!

Last time both Hrithik and Ashutosh came together was for another period drama, Jodha-Akbar! It broke many records and had gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the pivotal role of Jodha. Known to launch new faces in most of his flicks, this time Ashutosh is launching second runner up in the Miss Universe India 2010 contest, Pooja Hegde! Whether this 5 ft 9 inches tall actress will be able to do justice to this Indus Valley civilization based love story, only time will tell.

The news that Disney UTV has come on board to collaborate with Ashutosh for this movie has made the project even bigger. Earlier UTV did collaborate on Ashutosh’s earlier movies but with Disney also coming in the picture, this project just reaches international scale in terms of production and distribution values. Good times for apna Bollywood!

For now our only concern is the film’s length. Ashutosh makes long, like really long movies, but gone are the days when audiences used to love watching 3hours long flicks patiently. With changing times, even a two and a half hour movie is considered to be testing audiences’ patience! Let’s hope the makers have their ears to ground!

We would like to wish Hrithik and team all the best for their new venture! Hope it makes news for all the right reasons and dishes out some stunning entertainment for all of us!

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