An Open Letter To All College Students!


Writing this letter to all the college students is going to be an experience for me and I want it to count for me too, as once in a lifetime one.

Aaah!! The pleasure of talking, and that too, with the younger lot. I am in a lot of anticipation, here.

You know what, college is a place where you become a PERSON! Yes, in real sense. Not saying that, before college you are a vegetable, NO!  But on the college grounds, you start to define self. Well, most of them do.

College is a place where you grow, get opportunities, learn, explore, meet new people and make friends too. Well,  what I am trying to say is, all these bring many NEW to you and I urge you to live each of these new to the hilt. Savour each moment and appreciate what you get.

Also, one most important thing you need to continuously do is ASK QUESTIONS! About self, to self and about other things to others, but to those who are capable of giving answers. Try to say what you mean, and mean what you say. Learn about yourself and grow along as you walk.

And one more thing? If you wish to fly on your own, you have to spread your wings, start to flap and then leap into the unknown. You won’t always succeed on your first try. In fact, you may even get hurt once in a while. But never, ever give up! For you are on the grounds where bruises are imperative! The college grounds. Learn to love the bruises. Yet, take it as your responsibility to identify the possibilities, explore your options, find out what you can excel at and pursue the things you totally, absolutely love. These responsibilities are yours alone. Nobody else can tell you what to love, what makes you proud, what inspires you or gives you a feeling of satisfaction. Only you can do that.

You know, there is a time and a place for every possibility that you may ask for in life, and that time and place are called “College”!

Therefore, chase your dreams with all the vigour that you can, because these years will never return.

Also, as you chase your dreams, always reject the dark side. Do not let any hindrances take you over. But make sure you stand on the right grounds. Make good use of opportunities, but not the people. Do not betray people in anything you do. Do the right thing. Deceit, lying, cheating and stealing are never the way to go. However, being a person of character, surely has a long way ahead. Always try and  put a specimen that you are a person who others can trust and respect. And there my friend, you will find your true success.

Now let’s talk a little about the practical matters too.

If you have chosen to be self-sustaining while in college, it can be a daunting task, I can totally understand that. Yet, paying your own way through college, and being a self sponsor gets you ready for life in very early stages. I have done it, and trust me, making a living has never been a question for me ever again. You just need to stay strong and be proud in what you do, believing in self completely. For those of you who are fortunate enough to have parents who contribute to or completely pay for your college education, be forever grateful. They are providing you with an important opportunity and probably making a huge sacrifice. Don’t take that for granted. Show your appreciation, every now and then. It will come back to you only, in larger ways.

Now, as we know that “Education is the fountainhead of opportunity.” and college is where you are gaining your education.  Just remember that, people who become successful look for, find or create opportunities and capitalize on them. They pursue education in an area that excites them, they develop communication, leadership and people skills, build a network of helpful people and hang out with people who are also going someplace important. That’s what is going to count for you in the long run! And the college life is the base for all of it!

While it is true that you have an obligation to do your absolute best in your classes, do not forget your responsibility towards self to give a rewarding life to self. That means while you devote plenty of time and effort in all of your assignments, do whatever it takes to get good grades and be willing to make sacrifices, in order to find success in college, be willing to take out time to breathe freely and enjoy the moments too. Do not just shackle yourself to the books.

And now when we talk of success, it only depends on how much you want to succeed. Nobody can make you want to succeed in your endeavours. However, the most successful people regularly demonstrate their personal determination through their words, actions and accomplishments. Don’t get me wrong, success is not easy to achieve. It takes a depth of knowledge, an above average level of skill in an area that you love, an ability to see the possibilities and an exceptional inner drive that won’t allow you to quit. You just have to ask yourself, ARE YOU THE ONE?

Because success for sure requires more than a half-hearted or a part-time effort! If you are one of those who are hoping for success without giving it all, then my friend, there is nothing I can tell you. All I can say is, success is very choosy, it doesn’t come to all, and never to those who are not there in complete to receive it. It requires much more. It is something that you must be willing to fight for, something that ignites a passion within you, something that you can’t ignore and something that can’t be denied. When you find your calling, nothing can prevent you from achieving success! That will be the time when you truly become successful!

We all want to be successful and we have the aspirations of success right from college life. However, the only parameter that differentiates  the doers from the talkers is THE ACTION! If you are determined to succeed, you will ACT! Even if you are an ordinary student, but if you have an extraordinary desire for success, you will often bypass the most gifted students, I can assure you of that!

Now, let me wind up by saying that, if you are in college, you are in a dreamland where dreams are for real and life ahead will be decided on how you live those dreams!

My most fertile wishes for you here!  And I am sure they will work for you!

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