6 Controversies of Deepika Padukone That Stunned Her Fans


Bollywood celebs often get embroiled in controversies.

Some create controversy to be in news and some superstars simply become target of sensational headlines.

Deepika is doing unambiguously well in the Bollywood industry. If you go by her statements and interviews, she tries and avoids controversies.

Also many would believe to the fact that she is an actress who does not need any lime light. But unfortunately still she was dragged into many unwanted hullaballoo.

Let’s have a look at some controversies of Deepika Padukone :

  1. AIB Roast Controversy

She made headlines during AIB roast dispute.Many didn’t like the celebs participation in the show. She faced legal issues for being part of the audience of the show. But High Court restrained police from arresting her.


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