These Top 10 Funny And Crazy Mobile Apps Help You Relax and Laugh On The Go

It is always awesome to laugh and relax; and if apps can help you do that, nothing can be better than that…

Funny apps for mobile are the best respite against boredom.

These humor apps are filled with witty content: pictures, jokes, quotes, videos and memes. All that is required of you is to select a free humor app and start browsing. We are very sure you will burst into laughter the moment you start browsing. 

Let us look at top 10 humor apps to help you laugh and relax

1. 9GAG 

Well, most of you might already be familiar with 9GAG. It is a popular funny pictures website which is a huge hit among youngsters. It has an app for iPhone that offers access to the site’s image gallery. So you can get this funny mobile app and enjoy fresh, geeky humor on a daily basis, including dark humor and acute memes. 

2. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed iPhone app is one of the funny apps for mobile available in the app store for users. It offers really noteworthy and funny things from all over the web into your gadget. This app for iPhone provides you with all the latest political jokes, YouTube videos and fresh images of Tard the grumpy kitten. 

3. Talking Tom

If you are looking for one of the popular humor apps, Talking Tom is a sweet and cheerful cat who resides in your Apple iPhone and also speaks to you. This creature is a flamboyant and a modern Tamagotchi. You can play with this kitty, tickle him, feed, sing songs to him, etc. 

4. iFunFace

Do you like JibJab? Yes? Awesome! iFunFace is very much alike to any online funny video editor. With the iFunFace app you can put a face into a funny character and create your video. So what are you waiting for, take your iPhone and make the hilarious video ever. 

5. iFunny

The iFunny app has the ability to hold your attention for hours. The app shows up random humor images and you are required to vote for each image. Make sure you have an uninterrupted Internet connectivity to enjoy this app to the fullest. 

6. MemeCrunch

Did you know that MemeCrunch can always become an important part of an entertainment apps kit. If you become aware of a situation or an event, turn on MemeCrunch and develop your meme image about it. Share your creation with your buddies and ask them to comment on the same. 

7. Instant Buttons

This is mainly a prank or funny mobile app available at Apple App Store. Instant Buttons produces hilariously funny sounds. This helps when you don’t have any word to express your feelings; you can just hit the Instant Button app and explain the mood you are in. 

8. Reddit Pics HD

We are very sure that most people who use the Internet are aware of or familiar with Reddit. It is a popular forum or online community where users can discuss on topics varying from science, humor, politics, sports, etc. This app, Reddit Pics HD, keeps track of the best funny pictures from the forum or community, so you can laugh and relax while watching it. 

9. LOL Pics

Truth be told, LOL Pics is a genuine competitor of iFunny. This free app symbolizes humor in the form of images or pictures. Here you can enjoy humorous image quotes, Tumblr pictures and autocorrects.

10. The Harlem Shake 

The Harlem Shake app for iPhone allows you to record your very own Harlem Shake video clip. You can upload the video on YouTube and become a super star overnight. 

These are some of the popular humor apps to make you laugh and relax. Which one of these apps have you installed in your mobile? Tell us in the comments section below!  

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