This University Will Teach You “How To Love” !

How To Love

How To Love – Now you can get a degree of love.

If you think you’re not good enough when it comes to love, you can try the love classes of Dr. Megan Poe in New York University – How To Love.

Yes, it is true!

According to source, In New York University you can learn how to love by Dr. Megan Poe love course.

How To Love

This course of love went so good that in just two years the enrolled students has tripled.

Dr. Megan Poe a 42-year-old psychiatrist and associate professor lives in Brooklyn with her husband and three children and runs a private therapy practice in downtown Manhattan.

The class is known as “Love Actually”, and the course is basically divided into two psychological directions. The first one is vertically trajectory which expands the family love, collective love and then universal love from individual to encompass. And the second one is horizontally trajectory tells about the loving relationship you have across a lifespan.

How did the course come about?

The professor explained this in an interview that, some of his students asked him about love subject. After this he realized the need of love course. Then he started to work on the subject to design a love course and after sometime he realized that he already had a lot of material for the course. Even the course is run out of NYU’s child and adolescent mental health studies department. In which they have classes on all different aspects of the psyche – like happiness and another on sleep.

The academic course How To Love is something that will teach you that love is an art and like other art forms you can get better on it by practice over time.

And it also identifies all the version of love like romantic love, family love, friendship love, parent love which really clears the way to encounter the love in your life.

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