6 Reasons Why He Stopped Calling As Well As Texting You!

He Ghosted You

“He Ghosted You”

This happens many times and this disappearing act is simply known as “Ghosting”.

It happened with me and (I’ll guess, maybe) it must’ve happened with you as well. And some of you must be wondering “where the hell did that person go”? Even though you met that person online or have been your friend since month-years whatever. Ghosting is ghosting and nothing changes that at all.

Like I mentioned, it happened with me and hell yeah, I started to think “why did that person behaved so stupidly”? Thinking about the “so-called-relationship” that I had, these reasons came into my mind.

Well, I’m listing ‘em here to help you stop thinking about why he ghosted you.

  1. He was bored AF

Yep, this happens.

The boy must’ve felt that you’re too boring and simply “not his type”, so it is better to run away as quickly as possible. And finally, he did.

  1. He was a player

Well… Well… you know the creepy ones who are always looking to drag the opposite sex.  (Picture that and end it) If you’ve met someone online and that person always flirted with you then I think girls can pretty much get what “kind of guy” he must be. And simply when he thought “he can’t play in your field”, he just disappeared.

Good for you ladies because you’re saved.

  1. He thought you’re too “Goood”

Many guys can’t handle sweetness so maybe he was one of those. So if he has disappeared for this reason then he thought well about you.

  1. He wanted to avoid “commitment”

You might think- “we were talking so good and it almost felt like we’ll get together in a relationship etc etc”.  But right when things started getting serious and he disappeared before that, than girls; he is running because he’s scared to get into “dating”.

So frankly, you’re better off without him.

  1. He found somebody else

If you already knew he loved attention and was a flirtatious guy then such guys never stop at one place. Maybe he must’ve found somebody else to hook up with and that’s the reason he said bye-bye without saying.

  1. His plans changed

Maybe you both made promises to be together and all that stuff. But, who cares? Now his life must’ve taken a turn and he changed all his plans. Changing plans simply doesn’t involve you so instead of telling he ghosted you.

These were the sure shot reasons that prove why he ghosted you. 

Any thoughts? Comment below.

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