These Apps Can Cure One Of The Most Dangerous Illnesses Arising Out of Smartphone Usage!

How to cure smartphone addiction – We bring 5 apps that help to cure one of the most common illness today ‘“ Smartphone Addiction!

Life without a Smartphone seems impossible.

This device is not just a phone to make calls. It is a personal assistant, a personal computer, an alarm clock, a music player, a video player, a camera, a video recorder, and much more!

It is obvious, that most of us get addicted to this device, which can perform so many functions. Experts say that an average Smartphone user checks his phone around 23 times in a day. In case, a person is exceeding this count, then he or she is a Smartphone addict!

Apart from this count, there are various ways by which one can detect if he or she has a Smartphone addiction. We bring 5 apps that help in this regard.

1).  Checky:

This app works on iPhones as well as android ones. It tracks the location and keeps a track, as to how many times the user checked his phone. The user can then analyze his phone usage at a particular location. If he was glued to the device when he was with his family and friends, then he surely is a Smartphone fanatic and needs to bring about a change in himself!

2).  BreakFree:

This app also keeps tab on the usage of the Smartphone. It has an additional feature by which it keeps a score of the usage. As soon as the user reaches that score, it gives a warning to ‘BreakFree’ or stop using the widget!

3).  Moment:

Moment is similar to BreakFree and it gives the user a choice to set a daily limit. If he crosses it, the app would give him a reminder.

4).  Menthal:

This app keeps a record of various activities of the user, including how much time was spent on the phone, which app the user uses most, how many times the phone was unlocked, and more. It then provides a score to judge to the obsession.

5).  Locket:

This is another popular app which keeps track of the number of times a user unlocks his phone!

The main purpose of all the above-mentioned apps is to make Smartphone users aware of the time they spend online. This gadget is responsible for keeping them away from their family and friends. Instead of spending time in the ‘unreal digital world’ they can utilize it in other activities, such as reading, taking a walk, and more.

Give it a thought. Life is short. Get over the Smartphone obsession and spend time with your loved ones.

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