Yes! Its True Women Blinks Twice compared to men

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Watching into the eyes of a woman is interesting, it looks attractive. Comparative to men the eyes of women blinks twice which is scientifically proven. The blinking of eyes is a necessary activity of the human body but the blinking varies from one person to another.

Further from one woman to another as well as one man to other women. Checking deeply into the prolific eyes of women it is been mentioned in the study that women drop eyelids 19 to 20 time per minute while men are able to blink 10 to 11 times.

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Does it prove that women’s eye is healthier than men’s eyes?

For proper functioning starting from cleaning the dirt inside is possible by blinking. The tears forming are necessary to avoid any kind of dryness. Dryness can cause vision problems such as blurriness, itching and inflammation. But does the difference in the twinkling of eyes provides better health to women? No, not at all assured that the benefits vary for both genders.

Women may be blushing, or shy, she can be trying to avoid any situations or any uncomfortable conditions. So, the responses are different from a man. A man is always extrovert and calm comparing to a woman. They are easily able to stay calm, less or no excite that shows in the blinking of the eyes.

Behavioural changes are seen in the responses of both men and women in uncomfortable conditions. When both the genders are closely observed putting into similar positions; it is women who react faster. While the male genders are found to stay less prompt responsive.

Though the movements of the eyelids are twice the health response for both men and women is the same. Cleaning and relaxing of eyes to functioning are equal.


Effect of estrogen on women blinks twice

Women have to undergo several changes throughout their lifetime. The effects of the estrogen reflect from beginning as a child to teenager to adult and again to an old person. The hormone is responsible for different the changes in the blinking of the eyes. At old age, the issues of dry eyes are higher and so unknowingly the blinks reduce and so the tear formation.

Again as an adult woman can feel shy and uncomfortable that is due to the estrogens in a women body. So if a female blink twice it is all about the game of hormones. The dryness of the eyes is possible during the different stages which cause dryness and cornea inflammation. Or, there can be blurriness which increases the blinks.

Somehow or the other the women face various health issues which damages the visions of the eyes. Secretion of the estrogen increases and decreases that also mood swings. Sudden changes in moods, thoughts and instant repercussion are somewhere through the prolific beautiful eye movements. A woman posses beautiful eyes but due to various phases, it is true that women blinks twice as men.

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