Five instant feel-good factors!

At Youngisthan, we have put together five instant feel-good factors that will brighten you up and make you take on the rest of the week with a renewed zeal.


The week has been pretty terrible so far. Nobody at work likes you, all your friends are getting married, you’re forever in debt and love life is in absolute doldrums. Hmm. Fret, not! At Youngisthan, we have put together five instant feel-good factors that will brighten you up and make you take on the rest of the week with a renewed zeal. Take a look:

Get a haircut
Trust us, readers. Nothing works like a charm than a sexy new haircut. Whether you’re depressed, upset or just plain bored. Go and get a chic haircut and you’ll be super busy fussing over the new style to really bother about other stuff. It’s a recommended technique to fight inferiority complex, ugly break-ups and gorgeous new co-worker. What? You haven’t booked an appointment yet?

Butter toast
Calorie-watchers can please form a separate line. This option is for all those who live to eat. If life is tying you down, just grab a toast with loads of butter on it. Simple, eh? Butter will instantly cheer you up and toast acts as comfort and familiar food. Win-win! Don’t underestimate the power of the humble everyday breakfast. It’s known to have superhero powers that can take you from down to flying within a single spread of butter.

Even if you’re in the mood for some sad songs to match your mood, let it play. Because after a while you’ll see how stupid you’re to drown your sorrows in somebody else’s words and situations! Also, nothing heals anything like your favorite artist. Bring out that old CD, blast up the volume and get ready to groove. You may also put your iPod on shuffle and let music guide you.

You may raise those arched eyebrows at us for this. But when you’re down and out, it’s wise to be socially active without being too ‘out there’. You get the drift? Catch hold of a long lost friend and vent out all your agonies and boredom to her/him. The fact that you’re never going to bump into them in real will keep you going for good. And admit it, we all need a sounding board when things spiral out of control, right? Our closest friends can turn out to be our biggest critics as they know us and our situations and would be more judgmental than anything productive. If nothing else, change your DP to a selfie and wait for the world to start ‘liking’ and ‘commenting’. It does boost your ego, accept it.

Yes! Situations look different and better when you sleep on them. Just like how after night comes dawn, even your problems will seem manageable after a power nap. Some may say that sleeping peacefully is tough when your mind is troubled. That’s all crap! Lie down and tell your mind to relax for a bit. Stop thinking, just completely switch off yourself from your issues and close your eyes. Once your mind starts clearing out and problems start fading away, sleep will find you. Don’t compromise on your beauty sleep at all because it’s not like your problems will disappear if you stay awake guarding them. So might as well sleep, right?


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