How is Google Going To Be Beneficial for India in 2018

Google has lined up a few things, that is to say beneficial plans that it is going to introduce in India. It cuts across the barriers of the age-old Google strategies to suit India’s needs and focuses on building a brand for India altogether. There have been a paradigm shift from what Internet had once been in India and now it has touched upon the 40 crore internet user level. Among those, at least 23 crores are using Google in their own vernacular languages, while 28% of them are using the voice search feature in regional languages which is commendable.

It is proved hence, the country is a sucker for internet and data now and Google is committed to bring a new set of facilities to provide the user meaningful access to the internet.

Internet Saathi:

Google’s Internet Saathi has allowed 1.2 crore women access to Internet data in the remote areas. Overall, it has benefited 1 million women across India and the figures are expected to rise in the coming year.

Internet data usage is likely to soar up higher:

Indian internet users are more than 400 million while 330 million of them use it through their smartphones. In an average, a connected user absorbs 4 GB date every month which is likely to grow up to 11 GB per month in the coming years.


YouTube have thrown television out of gear and over 225 million smartphone users watch videos on YouTube every month and the recent spate of viral video contents will notch up the figure in coming years.

RailWire Wi-Fi:

More than 50 lakh Indians enter Google’s free RailWire Wi-Fi on 227 Railway Stations throughout the country. There are 7.5 million monthly users and data will surge up in all likeliness.

Tez Payment Platform:

Google’s Tez Payment platform is slowly gaining momentum in Indian market. There are 12 million users in it, 140 million transactions ad counting and 5.25 merchants making already their presence count in Tez. Google is expecting a bigger number of people drawing benefit from this app in the coming year.

Android Oreo:

It is a remarkable step taken by Google to launch Android Oreo for not so efficient Android handsets in India. It gives 15% faster performance boost to the device with 2 times better storage and some notable security features like Google Play Protect. This Android Oreo (Go edition) will wear new feathers and provide better features in 2018.

Google collaborated with Jio Phone:

Jio Phone users are being able to talk totheir Google Assistance in Hindi which is having a major draw among the customers. The Jio Phone Google assistance having special features has already been launched in India too.

Presence of Two-wheeler mode in Google Map:

There is a ‘Two-Wheeler’ mode introduced in Google Maps exclusively for India which indicates the ‘shortcuts’ that are not accessible to cars and trucks. The customized traffic and arrival time estimations.

Free Wi-Fi in the cities:

As divulged by Caesar Sengupta, head of Google’s Next Billion Users (NBU) division, there will be 7.5 million users connected with Google’s High Speed Internet through the station project in across 227 locations around the country. What’s more, Google is planning to launch the public Wi-Fi hotspots in the city with which you can enjoy easy access in the internet and save the phone data.

Google’s foresight about and efforts for making a better India wins thunderous applaud.


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