Google Inc. Plans to Separate Photos Service From Google+!

There is always something new happening as far as Google is concerned. Now the company has decided to separate images from Google+.

According to the various reports that are doing rounds, Google Inc is planning to make its photo service, currently included in Google+, more autonomous. 

This move has been planned as Google wants to attract more users to its social network. 

If the company actually goes ahead and makes the Google+ photos an independent service then Google users would not need the G+ account anymore to save and share their photos on Google. Probably there would be a separate app and a portal for uploading the photos, apart from Google+. As is expected such a move would also be an opportunity to involve people who are not using Google Plus currently. Anybody who is interested in sharing their photos online can access the app. This way Google reaches out to more number of users. However, the Google Plus photo services will still work for the users using this social media platform. But this service might be rebranded according to plans. 

In fact, Google has been making various moves over a period of time to introduce new changes in G+. Earlier Google has also separated some services from this social media network by dropping the G+ requirement from Google apps subscribers for those who use Hangout.

The service was also left out at the Google I/O 2014 developers’ conference. 

For quite sometimes the world’s largest search engine has been faced with tough competition from standalone apps launched by Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo. Keeping in tandem with such changes Google too enabled its business customers to access Hangout’s video conferencing even if they are not members of G+. Its main aim is to provide more standalone apps which are simpler and more focused. 

For Google Plus, the photo service has been its one of the strongest features. This service was one of the first of its kind to offer an automated backup for photos and videos. It was former Google+ chief Vic Gundotra who had taken all the right decisions to involve more and more users on this social networking platform. The upgrades that he rolled out were all well accepted. 

What remains to be seen is how the future upgrades from Google stable can attract more number of users.

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