Alia Bhatt, A Victim of Bullying? Why Varun Dhawan Has Been Spared The Rod?

Alia Bhatt shoots from her heart on why she believes that Varun Dhawan is not being bullied on purpose.

Alia Bhatt has finally learnt to speak up for herself.

After her goof ups on Koffee With Karan, that revealed her awesome sense of GK, she has finally gone on air stating that she was targeted because of being who she is! Before that begins to confuse you, here is more clarity. Alia Bhatt has stated that it is not only herself but also her co-star and buddy Varun Dhawan who betrayed his sense of ‘no knowledge’ about Indian politics on Karan Johar’s chat show.

However, because she has had a hat trick of hits in a short span of time, she is the one who bears more brunt. Additionally, Alia believes that being a woman, she is made to appear more naïve and bimbo-like as compared to Varun.

She also pointed out that Varun Dhawan has perhaps erased his goof up memory in a clever interview wherein he ranted the names of five last Indian Presidents in the right order. The actress says that she is very chirpy and throws caution to the winds. Thus, with such character traits, she never bothers to appear politically correct. While her foolishness has been jibed at in videos, spoofs and trolls, she believes it is only because of her immense popularity. High-handedness, some call it, says Alia, but she is confident of her craft and has immense confidence in what she presents of herself.

Varun Dhawan is her close friend and yet she seems pretty rude in pointing out that he is as dumb (sic) as she is. On her attitude, most opine that she is too care free and does not value anything more than herself. However, her parents are on her side. Soni Razdan has gone on air expressing support for daughter and says that stardom comes with a price. It is only because of her background and stellar record in movies that critics are stuck on to this silly thing.

Mahesh Bhatt told a leading daily, “Alia has tasted phenomenal success before turning 21. When you become a marketable commodity, such jokes are an occupational hazard. Prime Ministers have been targeted by the amusement seeking lot in the virtual world.”

On how the joke can be tackled, Bhatt says that there can be no solutions until it crosses the limits of civic-ness and decency. He adds that Alia needs to talk such things in stride and focus on her projects. These are part of life in the industry and that there are thousand other better things to enjoy. The director is true indeed and most wise fans believe that Alia must bask in her success instead of fumbling over why Varun in not targeted. After all, the bigger star always wins more attention—both on the right and wrong footings!


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