Home Remedies For Lice That Will Ser Your Hair From Tiny Parasites

Lice home remedies

Lice home remedies – Got little nasty creatures crawling and biting you in your head. These nasty ones are popularly known to be ‘Lice.’These tiny creates do feed on blood – of the head and lay eggs on the scalp, that get attached to the scalp. These scalps are known to be ‘nits.’  They develop into tiny baby lice and irritate even more than a full grown one does.

Vexed up with these creatures crawling and biting you in your head!? Feel embarrassed?! Is it also that you tried many products to get rid of these. And is it that nothing could really work!?

Well, there we got some most effective home remedies, that will set your hair from those most annoying tiny parasites. Take a look at these natural Lice home remedies.

Lice home remedies –

  1. White Vinegar

Having possessed acetic acid, the white vinegar effectively removes all the lice from the hair.

Mix equal quantity of water with equal quantity of white vinegar. Apply this solution of water and vinegar to your hair and it for about one hour by wrapping it with a towel😖. Now after one hour, take a comb dipped in vinegar and start combing every single and small section of hair to remove the nasty creatures.

  1. Garlic

Having the strongest fragrance, garlic is another effective remedy that can kill all the lice in your hair.

Take about 10 cloves pf garlic and make into a paste. Now mix this paste with some lemon juice and throughly apply to the scalp, letting it aside for about one hour. Rinse your hair throughly with some hot water.

  1. Salt

Desiccation of salt removes lice. Mix about 1/4th of salt into 1/4th of vinegar and spray the solution onto the hair. Leave the hair for about one hour with a shower cap on and rinse it throughly.

  1. Sesame Seeds Oil

Sesame seeds oil being high on antibacterial and anti-fungal properties helps most effectively for the removal of lice from your hair.

Mix about 1/4th cup of sesame seeds oil, 1/8th cup of neem oil, one and half teaspoon of rosemary and eucalyptus oil and finally  about ten drops of lavender essential oil. Apply this to your hair and rinse it throughly with apple cider vinegar. Apply coconut oil and leave it overnight. Comb your hair to remove lice and then rinse with shampoo.

  1. Coconut oil

Application of large quantity of coconut oil prevents the free movement or crawling of lice in the hair. This also stops them from reproducing. Wash your hair with apple cider vinegar, let it dry and apply coconut oil andleave the hair with coconut oil over night. Comb your hair in the morning to remove the lice and rinse it throughly.

So, these are some most effective Lice home remedies, that are at their best in removing lice from your hair and setting it free and clean. Have them tried by yourself and see the results.

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