10 Ways to Please Kuber – The God of Wealth

Ways to please Kuber

Ways to please Kuber – Wealth today measures the success of a person. In fact, the wealthier you are, the more you have achieved in life. Thus, people want to earn more in order to be the talk of the town. Apart from this, being wealthier means living life king size. Therefore, people today worship Kuber- The God of Wealth to be a rich person.

Let us have an understanding of who Kuber was and how the world knows him as the God of Wealth.

The ways to please Kuber –

Who is Kuber – The Wealth of God?

This is a century old tale when there was a common man named Kuber. He worshiped Lord Shiva – the creator of this universe. Being impressed by rigorous prayers of this common man Lord Shiva decided to meet Kuber. So, he appeared in front of this common man and granted him the guardianship of world’s entire wealth. The Kuber was immensely happy andhe became greedy. Also he forgot that he is only the caretaker and not the owner of this entire wealth.

This change in the Kuber’s attitude made Lord Shiva angry. Thus, the creator of this universe decided to teach Kuber a lesson. Therefore, he sent Lord Ganesha his son to the feast that Kuber arranged for all Gods. Surprisingly, Lord Ganesha was the first one to be at the feast and ate all the food Kuber prepared for the event. That was not all. The Lord Ganesha was so hungry that he was even ready to eat Kuber himself to full his stomach.

This is when Lord Shiva appeared at the scene and made Kuber realize his mistake. After which Kuber understood his mistake and apologize for his behavior. All this made Kuber understand that we should not misuse the power and promised Lord Shiva of not doing this again.

This self-realization of wrongdoing made him known as the Kuber – The Wealth of God. Thus, people offer prayers to please him and to earn wealth in life.

What is Kuber Yantra?

Ways to Please Kuber

The Kuber Yantra is a metal plate inscribed with conciliation of Kuber – the wealth of god. The yantra has a total of 72 rows and columns. According to beliefs 72 is a lucky number that increases prosperity and wealth in life.

This yantra brings a lot of energy and opens a way to bring wealth into our life. Thus, you can place the Kuber Yantra at home or office. In fact, you can place this yantra at both the places.

Another reason to please Kuber – The Wealth of God is gain the wealth you lost. Yes. People must understand that offering prayers to the Kuber is about living a prosperous life.

The last thing to remember is that you won’t get results with a blink of an eye. Thus, you must offer prayers to Kuber – The wealth of god regularly to achieve wealth and prosperity.

Ways to Please Kuber – The Wealth of God

Ways to please Kuber

First of all, place the Kuber Yantra on a flat surface or hang it in North or East facing direction. Remember, that the yantra must be leveled with the center your eyes.

Secondly, sit in a comfortable position on the ground. Make sure your back is in a straight position.

The next important step before offering prayers every day is to enlighten the fragrance stick in front of the Kuber Yantra. This lightening brings the positivity into the atmosphere and pushes negativity outside the place.

The fourth step is to focus in the center of Kuber Yantra. This is a kind of meditation.

Now chant the mantra that says, “Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kuberaya Namaha.”

Chant this mantra for minimum 21 times and maximum of 108 times to yield best results.

Make this chanting and prayer a routine practice in life and please Kuber – The god of Wealth.

Finally, keep your Sankalp – the result which you want in mind while performing this prayer.

These are the ways to please Kuber – So, bring home the Kuber yantra today and please Kuber – the wealth of god. The regular praying to Kuber will help you stay wealthy in life. Always follow these steps and open doors to bring the prosperity in life. You should offer prayers in the morning before leaving for work. This keeps you energetic and positive throughout the day. All this reflects in your workstyle and help you be one of the wealthy persons in the world.

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