This Is The Type Of Love You Believe In, According To Your Zodiac Sign!

Type Of Love Zodiacs Believe In

Type Of Love Zodiacs Believe In – There are different kinds of love.

Sometimes we expect a certain kind of love, but unluckily we don’t get it. I will say that sometimes the love you get is different from the love you believe in. You know, it’s the way you fall in love and your luck matters too. So, don’t be so harsh on yourself if you don’t get what you really want in your love-life.

And, you know, I would say, that if you’re single and thinking about the next chapter with a new person, then here’s what you must remember about your “wants”.

So, this is the type of love you deeply believe in and that’s what you really want. So, in the process of finding a new love, I hope you dig it deeply.

Type Of Love Zodiacs Believe In –

  1. Aries

You’re the one who never wants to give up on your romantic love. You believe in that “Never-give-up” kind of love. You expect your partner to deal and understand harsh situations and never give up no matter what happens.

  1. Taurus

Where there’s comfort, there’s love. Yes, you believe in a love where both are really chilled out and most comfortable with each other, sharing nasty things and dirty secrets, literally everything.

  1. Gemini

You like things unexpected. In terms of love, you’re someone who believes in the unexpected love. You know the one they show in movies and stuff. You think knowing each-other, then expressing feelings is kinda boring and that’s not what you want.

  1. Cancer

Emotional touch is necessary according to you. You’re one of those who believe in love that are built on the basis of emotions. Emotions play a big part in your life and while looking for love too, you tend to find emotional touch with others.

  1. Leo

In terms of love, you’re someone who believes in-love where two people respect each other first. You look for a partner who is just like you in a way. Someone who respects her individuality in a relationship matters etc.

  1. Virgo

You’re very dramatic. Yep, you want things like they show in movies- The tough one. Where there are difficulties, problems, full-on-drama, and then you’re overcoming it by staying together.

It’s kind of dramatic but romantic too.

  1. Libra

Fun is necessary. You believe in a relationship where two people are not just surviving, but are actually living their life. With a lot of fun elements in it, you believe in Fun-with-romance kinda love.

  1. Scorpio

You’re an obsessive lover and you believe in that obsessed kind of love. The one where couples can’t resist each other and be involved in each other’s life deeply etc. Sadly, there’s no point of individual self-love in the love you believe in.

  1. Sagittarius

Respecting each other’s decision and point of views is very important for you. The love you believe in is “Open-Love” i.e. you expect that no one should hide anything and there must be no shyness, nothing.

With open-mindness you want things to be out.

  1. Capricorn

You become a parent very quickly. Yes, you believe in a love where there’s a sweet parental touch. You know, even though you don’t have any children, you start behaving as if you’re parents and all those things that they do.

  1. Aquarius

Remember Katy Perry’s song unconditionally Unconditional love is the one for you. You don’t expect things from your partner, but you just need that there must be an unconditional touch.

  1. Pisces

The Dreamers are here. There needs to be romantic love. Not “just” romantic, but the 50 shades romance. Yep, you even imagine things and then try to make them come true. Isn’t that great? Making your own dreamy movies and then acting in it. 😉

This was all about the type of love zodiacs believe in.

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