Did You Know The Amazing Story Behind Dhanteras?

Story behind Dhanteras

Story behind Dhanteras

Dhanteras, which marks the first day of the festival of lights Diwali, is one of the pious occasions for all of us.

There are many customs and pujas are followed on Dhanteras which is also known as  Dhanwantari Triodasi.

And one such custom is that of buying metal and new things.

The tradition of buying metal especially gold on this day as it is considered auspicious and the same leads to prosperity, wealth, health, and wisdom long run for buyers and all these traditions have been followed by Hindus since time immemorial.

We all celebrate this festival every year we celebrate Dhanteras with great zeal and enthusiasm but do know there is an interesting folklore behind it.

Read on to know the story behind Dhanteras

The legend behind Dhanteras

The legend describes that 16-year-old King Hima was destined to die on his fourth day of marriage. And his death would happen when a serpent would a bite him.

But her determined and clever wife made sure he remained awake and collected all the ornaments and kept the heap of it on the doorstep and lit diyas everywhere.

When Yamraj who is also known as Lord of death, came to the king’s house in the form of a snake but got blinded by the light of diyas and ornaments and he couldn’t enter the house and this way King Hima got saved.

Even today diyas are kept around the home throughout the night of Dhanteras as veneration to Lord Yamraj.

There is another legend behind Dhanteras celebrations.

Yes, the story is about Dhanvantri, the God of good health.

There is a tale in Hindu scriptures about the emergence of Lord Dhanvantri by the end churning of the ocean for nector of immortality (Amrit). Even today his day of appearance is celebrated on Dhanteras.

It is believed that devotees who remember Lord Dhanvantari can be released from all disease.

Did you like the story behind Dhanteras? Do you know some more facts about this festive occasion then do let us know in comments below.

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