What Challenges Are the Y Generation Facing in Urban Areas?

y generation

The Y Generation is also known as Millennial are the section of the major population that is struggling to adapt to the changes in urban areas. With the increasing dependency on technologies and the changes in lifestyle, the Y generations are facing challenges. Urban areas are developing but isolating each one person to another.

The rapid growth of the urban population is putting the generation into difficulty with known and unknown challenges. This led them to become flexible and accept challenges in any positions in life. Urban life is mostly connected to the outer world with the digital platform.

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This is one of the reasons that the Y generation is more dependent on virtual socializing through social media. On the other hands, they are not aware of the neighbour who stays near to him or them.


Y Generation is ambitious

Being ambitious is nothing new but the problems hide with the changes in the work field. The competitions in urban areas are increasing. When people are focusing on jobs to earn a high salary and occupy a better position. Entire focus is driven to work aiming to grasp the best place as the top boss.

Growing over-ambitious at the early stage from joining a job is creating major problems. Friends are less, work-oriented and spending the maximum time struggling to create a better position.

Work and life balance

The result of the post-pandemic is work from home. Most people are working from home and they are leading a completely isolated life. This is the main reason that they are facing issues like depressions and anxiety. Few people slowly disliking crowds they are almost uncomfortable. They are best spending hours over the PCs or laptops along with the phone locked inside the room all alone.

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The millennial generation is coming up with the situation, they are enthusiastic. They are ready to upgrade themselves with the modern urban world.

Self-learner and sustainability

Another struggling period that has started with the Y generation is to give up the job and become their own boss. Due to the pandemic, several have lost jobs who chose to begin their own small business. Few are given up the job to bring a balance in work and life that ends up after joining the work. Most companies seek workers who can dedicate more than 12 hours to the job. Especially the women genders find it difficult to cope up after marriages.

Sustainability and ambition to become a leader have given rise to entrepreneurs. The digital and social media platform has given a wider range of audiences and customers.

Above all the struggles, of Y Generations are not only finance but also related to their health, family and job. These are the reason that the millennials of urban areas are looking forward to bring changes that will provide them with brighter and convenient aspects of life. Being independent, self-learner and flexible is due to the problems and difficulties that the generation is experiencing. Finally looking forward to bring better scopes in personal and professional fields in urban areas.

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