This Is The One Word That Describes Your Flirting Style, Based On Your Zodiac Sign!

One Word That Describes Your Flirting Style

“One Word That Describes Your Flirting Style”

We all have a little flirtatious side in us. Even though some will not agree to what I said, you must’ve flirted at-least once in your life. So, if you had to describe your flirting style in one word, then what it would’ve been?

Alright, if you’ve no idea-it’s OK. Cause’ your zodiac sign has everything sorted out for you. Right from your Kissing-Best Position etc…So, here’s that one word that describes your flirting style.

Are you excited? Hell yeah, you are.

  1. Aries

Ok so, you are “Confident” when you’ve a crush on someone and also, you flirt directly. It doesn’t matter what others think, while flirting, you just want the opposite person to know that you’re attracted towards ‘em and nothing is shy and personal.

  1. Taurus

Alright, you are “thoughtful”, cause’ what other person is or might think is what bothers you equally. So while making that flirtatious move, you think a lot and then take the action.

  1. Gemini

You are very “smart” and you exactly know, how and when to use words to make the flirtatious game strong. This smartness attracts other people a lot and thus, they can’t resist talking to you.

  1. Cancer

All the Cancerians out there, you exactly know how to flirt, right? The word is – “Attentive” which is absolutely attractive. Whenever you’re flirting, you pay attention to that person’s behavior and words that are coming, and once you know about ‘em in details, you use it as a tool to flirt. Good one though!

  1. Leo

Romantic, caring… there are many words to describe your style. But if it is about choosing one, then you’re “romantic”. You want to make the other person know that you’re paying attention towards ‘em and are trying to hit on ‘em. Your romantic words complete everything.

  1. Virgo

Well, you’re very “intelligent” and you know when to throw the dice. You take over things intelligently and that’s how you try to succeed in your flirtatious game. Even while flirting, you make sure to use intelligence to leave a good-impression.

  1. Libra

No doubt, you are too-good in terms of flirting. You’re actually “Humorous” and people love talking to you. You know how to use and play with words while flirting. Also you tend to make the opposite person smile while flirting. This steals a lot of attention and that’s how you win.

  1. Scorpio

How can you be so “sexy”? Seriously, you’re sexy while flirting too. You use romantic words and make everything seem like; it’s a movie going on stuff. You’re full of sexiness and that’s how you start it to take a relationship to another level.

  1. Sagittarius

“Playful” is the one word that can describe your style. While flirting, you are very playful and good-natured too. You try to bring the “teasing factor” to grab opposite person’s attention all the time.

  1. Capricorn

You’re very “straight-forward” and not a preparation kinda person. You take everything easy and that’s the best thing about you. While flirting too, it is on-spot {it puts you into trouble sometimes} but that’s the way it is.

  1. Aquarius

“Natural”- You’re not like- OK I’m going to flirt now etc etc. It depends on the situations and then it comes out all naturally. Sometimes while talking, your words are so beautiful enough that it leaves the opposite person confused into thinking –“Is he flirting?”

  1. Pisces

A bit shy but when you’re totally into making that opposite person all yours, then you flirt “seductively”. You are dreamy and it’s like, you create all the imaginary stuff like “This is how I’ll flirt and etc”.

You clearly know how to seduce and make it going strong.

So, what do you have to say about the one word that describes your flirting style? Comment below.

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