These People Reveal What It Feels Like To Live In India As A Lesbian!

Lesbian And Bisexual In India

Lesbian And Bisexual In India – Homosexuality is illegal in India.

Even though we don’t want it to be, it’s illegal. So, people who are gay/lesbians in India, go through a lot of things. You know, there’s always fear that covers a person who is gay. He/she clearly knows that “If I come out as a gay or lesbian, then some people in India will never accept me and I’ll be the butt of the joke.” Sadly, this is so true. There are so many straight people who will tease and spoil their reputation.

So, clearly, being a lesbian or bisexual in India is not easy. I don’t know if you’ve read this post, but on Quora there was a question that was asked “are there any lesbians in India and what’s it’s like to be a lesbian and bisexual in India?” Some girls came forward, and answered these questions.

Here’s their answer –

(Answer given by Anamika Pareek) – Yes, here I am. I am sure there are many but because of bizarre state towards the LGBTQ community; people find it hard to come out. There are many people who don’t even know that we exist. Others think that it is a mental disease. When I told this to few of my friends they either told me to change my thinking or advice me to date a boy stating that I have to change my mentality. In return I told them I can’t change my orientation for which they said try it as nothing is impossible. Then I asked them can they change their orientation? Hell No!! Then how can I? It’s not Tubelight that you can switch it off. I was born this way and I don’t wanna hide it anymore. Because this is the real me. People in India don’t understand anything. I have lost many of my friends just because of the reason that I trusted them and came out.

(Anonymous user) – Yes i am a 17 year old lesbian from Delhi. But it is hard to come out. People make jokes that we are all in our closets but how can we come out with their creepy, judging eyes staring at us and cursing us.

Some bisexual shared their thoughts too –

(Answer given by Shreya Khatri) – I’m 18, Indian and bisexual who is more attracted to women than men, but this stupid society has forced me to only date guys and hide my attraction to women. I am out to my friends and pretty much everyone is okay with it but some people get weird whenever I mention my attraction towards girls so I usually avoid that topic. 

Lesbian And Bisexual In India – Undoubtedly, there are so many people who are hiding their sexuality. Why, you ask? It’s all because of fear and nonacceptance. What are your thoughts on this?

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