What Sonakshi Sinha needs to do

Here are certain things that Sonakshi Sinha must change about herself. Read on.

Even though the voluptuous beauty has had a string of box office hits, she desperately needs to few things to be a Bollywood heroine. We are really tired of her ‘same-same’ look in every movie. It’s time she got her act together (literally!). Read on:


Get fringes:
Yes, mam. That forehead that practically extends till the back of your head needs a funky fringe. SOON. Since she is already on the healthier side, the flat forehead makes her looks fatter and older. If she is a 26-year-old, she gotta look her age, isn’t it?


Lose weight:
We aren’t asking her to go size zero, but losing a bit of weight is a must so that the heroes don’t look younger than her. At 5 feet 8 inches, she is quite tall and her bulky frame lends her a bit of a manly look. We have heard that she doesn’t want to fall into the ‘norm’ of losing weight and all that jazz. But that’s just utter BS.


No item songs, please:
If she wants to gyrate to something like ‘Party All Night’ from ‘Boss’, she shouldn’t. Yeah. We are really tired of her special appearances that are neither sexy nor pretty. And please-oh-please, don’t wear shimmery clothes. They balloon you up more, Ms Sinha!


Experiment with outfits:
Whenever she is out promoting her new movie, she ends up in a stuffy Anarkali or two-toned sari. She needs to dress her age, may be in a smart Peplum shirt, a crisp jacket or a pair of trousers that flatter her assets.


Go sexy:
It’s the age to go wild and sexy! Even if she’s wearing her favourite saris, she can go a bit sensuous with low-cut blouses and mid-riff barring pallus. The ‘good girl’ image is so passé, it’s time to sex it up! Papa Sinha might not allow…but what the hell, give it a shot.


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