Five Negative Characteristics Of Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Negative characteristics of Sagittarius

Negative characteristics of Sagittarius – Straight forwardness, thy second name is Sagittarius!

Oh, yes, people born under this sun sign are very honest and open in their words and feelings. You will always know where you stand with them, leading to comfortable relationships.

However, tact is not a strong point, and this can lead to conflicts.

Negative characteristics of Sagittarius –

1 – I Know Everything

True, Sagittarians are tremendous seekers of knowledge. They even love displaying their ‘encyclopaedic’ mind to all and sundry. However, they tend to go overboard at times, giving the impression of being too full of themselves. They display an attitude of “I am always right”. Criticism does not go down well with Sagittarians, even when they make mistakes due to over-confidence

2 – Becoming Bored

Since they are fond of learning, it follows that they are a bundle of energy all the time. This makes them rather adventurous by nature. The Sagittarius-born love changes and hate being confined to a routine or a place for long. When they are bored, they become irritable and moody.

3 – Very Careless

The Sagittarian-born possess the tendency of taking people and things for granted. As a result, they encounter problems in almost every area of life, big or small. Even romance tends to go haywire at times, leaving the other person feeling that he/she has been horribly let down.

4 – They are Unpredictable

It is impossible to predict what they will do next, for they act without forethought or planned strategies. Their eternal restlessness does not permit them to be consistent or efficient in performance at home, in the workplace or within the community. They hate long-drawn projects, and keep jumping from one short-term task to another.

5 – Hate Commitment

The Sagittarian-born hate to be tied down. This does not mean that they are not loyal in friendship. Of course, they are! It is just that they value their own space and prefer to be treated as free birds.

These are Negative characteristics of Sagittarius – It is good that the Sagittarian-born have a curious mindset, for they interact with people well. However, their explorations remain on the surface, rarely going below the surface. Thus, they are often fooled by people’s outward looks and charm.

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