5 Common Text Messages From Guys That Aren’t Trust-Worthy!

Common Texts From Guys

Common Texts From Guys – Some guys are trust-worthy, whereas some aren’t trust-worthy at-all.

In this world of modern dating, I will say that it has become easy to figure out who is real and who is fake. Yes, you can easily figure out whether the guy who is trying to impress you is doing it for real or just faking emotions. See, nowadays, everything starts from texting and then it jumps into meeting, right? So, you know, guys use tricks to impress a girl, and call her out to meet and talk. Now, like I said, that everything starts from texting. There are certain things that guys say to impress a girl. Well, if you aren’t smart enough, then I’ll help you out.

Here are the common text messages that every guy will send you and it directly indicates that he’s just tryna play with you.

Pay attention to these common texts from guys from now on-wards.

  1. I was just joking 🙂 Don’t over-react GIRL.

A guy will send this text when he is done delivering something cheap. I mean, he’ll say something like “I am going to take a nap with you” or “What are you wearing tonight” etc. You know, if a guy has always started with cheap text messages, then it’s not hard to figure out that he wasn’t joking when he sent “that” kind of text.

  1. There are lot of girls out there who wants me

If you know his background and his talking behavior, and if he is sending you this kind of text, then he is probably trying hard to make you jealous. Firstly, a guy who sends this kind of text has no one chasing them. They’re just faking and tryna hit on you indirectly.

  1. It wasn’t me. It was my Friend.

After a long cheap text when guys see that the girl is not impressed with the text, then they’ll lie. The biggest lie is “It was my friend who texted you. I’m so sorry”. Honestly, they’re just lying and you shouldn’t trust this one at all.

  1. Sorry, I was sending this text to my friend.

I’ve met such guys. You know, they’ll always forward a text and it’ll hit your inbox, when you react on it, they’ll say “Oh, I by-mistakely forwarded it to you”. He is just making up a story, any which ways he wanted to start a conversation with you. So, don’t trust that line.

  1. I wasn’t hitting on you and chill I already have a girlfriend.

A guy who is constantly busy flirting with you and tryna impress you every-time is a person who is desperate to have a girlfriend. But, when he sees that nothing is working on you, then he’ll end up saying “Oh, I’m kidding, I already have a girlfriend”. Blah*Blah*.

These are the common texts from guys that you shouldn’t trust. Do you wish to add some questions? Leave a comment below.

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