Five Negative Characteristics Of Libra Zodiac Sign

Negative characteristics of libra

Negative characteristics of libra – The Libra-born are eternally concerned with maintaining peace and happiness everywhere. In fact, they are so focussed on others that they even tend to forget themselves at times.

Regardless, like every other zodiac sign, this one comes with its own negative characteristics too.

Negative characteristics of libra –

1 – Stay on the Surface

People belonging to this sun sign pay tremendous attention to good looks. It could be related to self or to others. However, they tend to get carried away by surface personalities. As a result, they often tend to overlook the inner beauty hidden within the depths of people. In the right situations, this kind of objectivity and inability to become caught up in feelings, may prove useful.

2 – Slow in Decision Making

The Libra-born refuse to reach a decision, unless they have every single fact in their hands. Even after knowing everything, they may find it hard to say or do anything. If forced into quick action, they feel pressurised. The logic is that if given time to think, they will come up with the best and most balanced solution possible. They become emotionally devastated if their decisions are proved wrong.

3 – Quietly Manipulative

People born under this sun sign, especially women are capable of bringing people round to their way of thinking. They are clever in finding out the weaknesses of their ‘opponents’, and using them for their benefit. It helps that they are good conversationalists too.

4 – Changeable Personality

You cannot predict what the Libran will do next! They have two sides to their airy personalities, which cause them to keep changing directions. For instance, they are strange mixtures of both, optimism and pessimism. Then again, they may seem highly depressed and inactive one moment, and happy and active the next! Librans are bundles of contradictions indeed!

5 – Indulging Self

They adore everything that seems classy or upscale. Therefore, when choosing material comforts, they spend quite freely. Sometimes, beautiful, yet unnecessary things find their way home. They love being self-indulgent, sometimes to extremes.

These are negative characteristics of libra – Librans are introverts, who do not like having a large circle of friends. Paradoxically, despite being quiet and shy, they are great debaters.

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