Five Negative Characteristics Of Cancer Zodiac Sign

Negative characteristics of cancer zodiac sign

Negative characteristics of cancer zodiac sign – You can do no better than making a person born under the sun sign, Cancer, your best friend, philosopher and guide.

The best of dreamers and the best of lovers, Cancerians strive to keep everything perfect in their domestic, work and romantic arenas.

Regardless, they do have their faults too.

Negative characteristics of cancer zodiac sign

1 – Terribly Cautious

The slow-moving crab is a good symbol for people associated with this zodiac sign. It is good to be cautious and careful when making decisions. However, expecting solid emotional security and stability prior to accepting even the smallest of changes in their lives and refusing to move out of the comfort zone, is definitely going overboard with timidity.

2 – Reserved in Friendship

The overly cautious Cancerians do not find it easy to make friends. Oh, they do bond with people, but tend to keep sharing of thoughts and discussions at a superficial level. They take a very long time to trust people and share their deepest emotions with them. This leaves the other person wondering about their true intentions and level of friendship.

3 – Mood Changes

Deeply sensitive by nature, Cancerians tend to retreat into their shells as soon as they experience ‘hurt’. At the same time, expressions of anger, happiness, etc, show up without warning in alignment with the atmospheric changes at home, at the workplace, etc. It is an experience indeed, to witness the array of mood changes within just a single day!

4 – Born Pessimists

Their pessimism and anxiety can prove terribly difficult to handle for people, who are optimistic and positive by nature. It is not easy to listen to people complaining all the time. This is because they are over anxious and insecure by nature.

5 – They Cling

The Cancer-born are eternally in need of supportive and encouraging words. They pretend to be strong and independent, but in reality, they always need emotionally stronger people around them. They even tend to become excessively possessive about their belongings.

These are Negative characteristics of cancer zodiac sign – It is imperative that people born under the zodiac sign of Cancer work on the emotional side of their personalities. This way, they can create buffers against enemies called ‘hurt’ and ‘hypersensitivity’.

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