Horoscopes And Perfect Matches – How Are They Linked

Perfect Matches

Perfect Matches – The Solar and Lunar positions determine and develop the person according to some significant and predestined traits.

Everything that happens to a person during their lifetime happens for a reason, and so does love. Unrequited love and Happily Ever After both circumstances are believed to be the results of these stellar constellations.

The Horoscopes or the Nakshatrams have always been deeply believed in by the Indians.

But in the new era the youngsters recklessly ignore such minute details.

So do the horoscopes really affect the love life? Perfect Matches?

Perfect Matches –

1 – The Astral positions establish the behavioral patterns of the individuals. The Scorpios are believed to be highly dominant and fiery in nature and to balance this out; this sign would need a partner of the fairly submissive and timid sign like Cancer.

2 – The Twelve Signs are divided into four groups: Air, Water, Land and Fire. According to the famous astrologer Linda Goodman, author of the novel Love Signs, the mixing of the Liberal Air sign with the Clingy Water sign is lethal and damaging for both the members.

3 – The Marriage Counselors and Experts believe that horoscope compatibility is important and necessary when it comes to a decision of an everlasting marriage.

4 – The best matches according to the horoscope compatibility are of the Air signs with the Fire Signs and the Water Signs with the Earth Signs as Air helps Fire to grow and attain a mightier form and Water and Earth mingle significantly.

5 – It is often noticed that signs that are too ambitious don’t fit well with signs that are connected to home. Cancer is a sign that feels homesick and needs the other person all the time, so for them to fit in with a Leo is a major difficulty.

Perfect Matches

6 – The Best match for the sign Aries is Libra, when one is totally grounded, the other is flexible and opposites attract in this case making it a majorly successful match.

7 – Taurus fits perfectly with Cancer as a horoscope match and it is important for them to stay home in the warmth of their love than hanging out in public.

8 – Geminis fall for Sagittarius making it an unconventional match and creating a relationship goal for the other couples. The Sags believe in true love and with Geminis they find it.

9 – The True Love Cancers seek is found in Capricorns and for Leos it is found in the Aquarians. Cancers feel the need to find home and solace, they are exactly opposite to the Capricorns who feel the need to change. This fits them with each other balancing their differences like Yin and Yang. Whereas the Leo falls head over heels for the eccentric Aquarians. Leos love mazes and puzzles; this attracts them to the mysterious Aquarius.

10 – The Sign Virgo falls for water sign Pisces. Virgos are rigid and Pisces is the fluid sign that balances this rigidity. Unceremoniously they fix each other to ultimate perfection.

Perfect Matches

11 – Best Love matches for Scorpio and Sagittarius are Aquarius and Aries respectively. The Scorpios tend to attract to the Aquarians on the basis of law of attraction. While the Sagittarians are drawn towards Aries because of their need to follow while Aries are the naturally born Leaders.

12 – The Dominant and Rigid Capricorns tend to follow rules and get attracted to Taureans who also have the same belief for the regulations.

13 – The eccentric and mysterious Aquarians match with the dominant Leos as they help them grow into the kind of people they have dreamt. It is a fairytale match.

14 – The last sign of the zodiac Pisces fits perfectly with one of their own clan Cancer. The Cancerians help the Pisceans attain their ultimate goal of spirituality.

Perfect Matches

Perfect Matches – The Zodiac might not help us in selecting people we love because the choice is ours, but the zodiac certainly has a major role to play in the long lasting matches.

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