Dangerous Zodiac Sign Combination That Leads To Destruction

Dangerous Zodiac Sign Combination

Dangerous zodiac sign combination – People of different zodiac sign have different as well as some specific traits that make them unique.

While there are some zodiac signs that are considered to be the best combination for a love affair, there are also some that are the worst love matches.

So assuming the worst scenarios, here is a list of six dangerous zodiac sign combination.

Be alarmed if you and your partner have any one these zodiac combinations.

Dangerous Zodiac Sign Combination –

  1. Aquarius and Capricorn: Emotional contact a challenging point

People born under this zodiac signs are very determined. When in a relationship, Aquarians are very practical whereas Capricorns are labelled as being emotional partners. But sometimes an Aquarian’s practical way of thinking, forces his/her partner to have a reality check of their values while they are together. Their disagreement in opinions often results in small fights which finally turn big resulting in a mutual breakup in the end. 

  1. Taurus and Libra: Too much flirtatious nature gives way to conflicts 

When a Taurus and a Libra get into a love affair, it seems that two halves of a whole have merged together. The more time they spend with each other, they understand that they have many things in common. But too much common interests, makes it difficult for them to have individual time or space. If the Libra acts too be very flirtatious and socialise a lot and on the other hand the Taurus behaves like a possessive fool, then clashes arise. If they have a desire for a long-lasting relationship then they must accept their different views. 

  1. Cancer and Leo: Emotional ups and downs arise from unclear love intentions

When they make a love match, they are well aware of their emotional needs. Cancer wants security and stability in a relationship, but the Leo longs for praise and admirations. Leos try a lot to display their emotions, which shows how insecure they are and this appears to be very annoying. The Cancerians get irritated and fights takes place leading to ending of their relationship. As long as they do not take their relationship for granted they seem to stay happy. 

  1. Gemini and Virgo: Trapped in a dreamy world push them away

Virgo’s are not at all emotional but the Geminis are. Geminis live in a dreamland and are too very attached to their Virgo partner. But Virgos have no emotional attachment and can easily leave their partner at any moment without a second thought. This makes the Geminis emotionally affected and devastated and they take a lot of time to recover from it and move on. Whereas the Virgos do not even look back once they have stepped out of it. 

  1. Pisces and Scorpio: Suspicious nature ruins everything 

Pisces and scorpions have a relationship of compatibility and accomplishment. Both of them are very intensely emotional and are completely committed to each other. Their energies make a powerful and emotionally pleasing relationship, but the reckless nature of the Scorpions make them skip to anywhere they feel like, whereas the sensitive Pisces clings to one thing for the time being and engages all their energy into it. They possess a suspicious nature. This makes them to look out for a compromise. 

  1. Cancer and Sagittarius: Sexual desire creates the damage

If a Cancerian gets into a relationship with a Sagittarius, then a Cancerian takes some time to feel comfortable and is in search of emotional balance. But a Sagittarius is straightforward and they never pay much attention to a Cancerian’s emotional feelings.  They rush into things and love to wander. A Sagittarius gives more importance to sexual attraction or pleasure than to a Cancerian’s emotional connection. Clashes occur making it impossible for them to stay together. 

This is Dangerous Zodiac Sign Combination  – So it does not matter whether you and your partner are compatible or not in terms of astrology because the only thing that will make a relationship last longer is a good understanding, trust and compromise.

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