Are You One Of These 5 Most Dangerously Flirty Zodiac Signs?

flirty zodiac signs

Flirty zodiac signs – Flirting is a hobby for some and a pre-installed behavioral instinct for the others and they can do nothing about it but continue flirting as per their default programming.

People are so unaware of the term ‘flirting’ that they tend to consider politeness and kindness of speech as flirting whereas flirting in real terms mean ‘hitting up’ on someone you want to fall for you in any way. Though every person on the earth has a different personality but then zodiac signs came to rescue of sorting the people in broad categories.

So let’s look at the 5 most flirty zodiac signs that are born with the inbuilt talent of hitting up on people and probably succeeding in the same (mostly).


To top the flirty chart are the Librans who are considered to be the flirtiest of all the zodiac signs. They are such flirts that at times they themselves don’t know that they are hitting up on someone. Because they top the chart they are so well versed with that aspect of their personality that they slip flirt into conversations and people tend to fall for them quicker than they usually do.


The people who belong to this zodiac sign are born charmers which means that even if they don’t try, people still for them but as they are a part of the second most flirty zodiac signs they know their charming personality traits. They add a bit of sweet flirting in their already sweet personality and people just can’t seem to have a rescue from that, as a result they fall head-over-heals for the people of the Gemini zodiac sign.


Aries people have looks to die for and topping that they have an excessive flirty personality which forms a net of adorability that people can’t stay away from. They are so amazing at the flirty trait that people inside their hearts wish that these people flirt with them so that they can reciprocate with the same amount of sweetness. So the next time you find an attractive person being polite and kind to you, understand that they are the 3rd most flirty zodiac sign member, Aries.


Leo means the King, so when they are among the top five most flirty zodiac signs you must take an idea already that they are one of the most professional players of the trait of flirting. They are so into flirting that even if they wink playfully people go all bonkers over them which make it really effortless for them to make people fall in their trap.


The people who belong to this category are one of the most branched flirts which mean that they can flirt with everyone according to what pleases them. Because they are personality observers they know exactly what spot of the person to hit and this makes it the 5th most flirt signs of all the 12 zodiac signs.

These are flirty zodiac signs – Though any one can have a strong ‘flirt game’ but people from these signs are generally the best of all in the field and mostly no one escapes their stings of flirt. You better watch out for these 5 dangerously flirty zodiac signs.

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