The colour debate: Black is beautiful

Black is beautiful…and very sexy! Your complexion can’t and shouldn’t determine how far you’d go in life. If you are dark, flaunt it with pride.

When you spot a woman with a chocolate-meets-honey complexion, you instinctively slot her as ‘unattractive’, even though that shade is the sexiest ever. With award-winning actress Nandita Das’ campaign ‘Dark Is Beautiful’ going viral, the focus is b(l)ack on our skin tones. We have grown up with the notion that a fair skin is a prerequisite for success. NO, it’s not! Your complexion can’t and shouldn’t determine how far you’d go in your life. If you are blessed with a shade that’s on the darker side, flaunt it with pride because you’re beautiful.  Don’t let cheap fairness cream adverts tell you otherwise. A glowing, Photoshopped-esque flawless skin looks plastic and makes you ‘unapproachable’. And if you seem comfortable and confident in your tone, you look far prettier than all the ‘gora’ dolls put together.


If fairness creams for women weren’t enough, we have ‘Fair and Handsome’ where a very average looking Shah Rukh Khan tells boys how fairness is equal to handsomeness. Just to bring you up to date, SRK is neither. He is as average as you and me and yet, he has a Rs 300 cr movie in his kitty. The ad makers have lost their minds, is it? Remember, Priyanka Chopra is as good looking and successful as Kareena Kapoor-Khan. Being a tinge darker has given the ‘Jungli Billi’ a very rustic look, which Bebo lacks in. Similarly, Bipasha Basu will always remain sizzling hot, thanks to her smoky shade, while Katrina Kaif will have troubles moving past her ‘Barbie Doll’ phase.


If you have ever worked in fashion, you would know that stylists prefer darker models as most colors look good on them. Fairer girls have the tendency to look ‘washed out’ when seen in lighter shades. On the other hand, darker chicks look hotter when paraded in dark outfits. Also, it’s always about how you carry yourself, irrespective of your skin tone and figure. These hang-ups need to go. And soon. To be very honest, no skin cream on earth can play around with your melanin factor. If you’re dark, accept it and move on. You’re beautiful and somebody loves you. What else do you need?


The next time somebody asks you to buy fairness creams or go for ‘anti-darkness’ facials, punch him/her in the face. If your personality is pleasing, if your outlook is endearing and your behaviour charming, you don’t need to feel low about your shade. Black is beautiful…and very sexy!

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