Men Vs Women Inside Bigg Boss House- Who Is Winning?

We talk about male and female performance inside the Bigg Boss house. This season, it season, guys are winning hands down!

Season 8 of reality game show, Bigg Boss is entering interesting phase.

Five weeks have passed and the atmosphere inside the house is heating up. Patience is running thin and tempers are rising. Masks are coming off and every contestant is showing his or her true colours.

However, despite the fact that an individual is going to win the show, different groups are currently working overtime to score brownie points.

No matter what is the current combination of different groups, on a broader scale, it is about men vs. women! Past couple of seasons were won by female contestants, so is history going to repeat this time or are we going to see a strong male contestant walking away with the crown?

Or will there be a twist and someone in between (read: Sushant) will come out the winner?

Only time will tell, but let’s see how are men stacked against women as of today.

Emotional Outbursts

This show is all about emotions, but played out using the brain instead of heart! There was Karishma Tanna emotional outburst scenario about being abused on national television as well as Sonali Raut crying her eyes out after being man-handled (or woman-handled??) by Diandra! Both these garnered enough attention and focus stayed firmly on the fairer sex inside the house.

Gautam’s flow of tears (whether real or crocodile ones) didn’t get much footage so here women scored a point over men!

Anger Outbursts

Where anger is concerned, it is obviously the male brigade who wins hands down; whether it is a tiff between Gautam and Ali or Gautam and Praneet or Gautam and Puneet! The sheer physicality involved makes sure that women don’t even come close to such attention grabbing tactics of men. It’s a different matter altogether that all these fights were like phuski bomb of Diwali! Still, they cornered a lot of episode time which says volumes about their attempt at being in focus and making women work extra hard to get the house cameras zooming towards them again.

Alas, no make up or sexy movies helped much there! This round goes to men!


We don’t want to be biased towards men, but anyone who has been following the show from day one will agree that this season belongs to men, at least till now! Whether it is eccentric Gautam or funny Pritam, whether it is sensible Praneet or womanly Puneet, these guys have stolen the thunder with their sheer histrionics and entertaining tactics! Women of the house are mostly seen reacting to situations or doing stuff to gain focus, but except a bit of Sonali (due to her changing-by-the-second-linkups) and little bit more of Diandra (for her over-the-top-eccentricity), no girl is giving something outstanding to the show.

Yes, women are required inside the house, so they are there, else would have been kicked out long time back! So, this round also goes to men!

Well, this is our analysis about the situation inside the house. In case you differ with us or have something to add, do let us know! We shall be waiting!

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