Honey Singh, Premchand And Bhaang! How Will Mahashivratri Turn Up Today?

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Why would anyone want to celebrate Mahashivratri in this era? What relevance does it have?

Why would anyone want to know what is written in Shivpuran about Brahmaji’s failed show of a clever mind? Isn’t it?

What matters is managing to wake up in the morning, working for the whole day and sleeping like an infant seeming to show that he cares about nothing in this world. After all, ignorance is bliss and life’s real fun is being ignorant and indifferent to everything happening around!

Whenever we witness a bad incident in front of us, what is the need to go and help the injured or even report the matter to the police and call an ambulance? We are better off without getting involved in the police and hospital issues!

It also seems easier and convenient to blame the government for the garbage dumps in our surroundings, the problem of street lights, let alone bigger scams of corruption and violence in the nation. After all, the government rules us so it is the system that is to blame, not us who are just living by their rules. Or is it?

Well, Shivratri is one such occasion where people claim to attain knowledge and salvation by praying to Lord Shiva and fast the entire day. If one day is allocated to attaining enlightenment about the universe, then I wonder why not all the 365 days of a year are good enough for such noble motives? Married women too fast and pray for the long life of their husband and to enjoy marital bliss while some unmarried ladies too willingly keep this fast to get an ideal husband like Shiva.

Shiv Parvati

Shiv Parvati

While ascetics take holy dips and smoke marijuana in the name of Lord Shiva, people generally offer fresh flowers and glasses full of water and milk on Shivling. Drinking ‘bhaang’ is also a common practice on this day especially seen among people in Varanasi, Mathura, Patna and certain other places.

I wonder where do the milk, fruits, water, honey and curd that are offered to the Lingam disappear? Probably they mix with the sewage pipes and underground disposal areas! But is there even a need to think of those poor children who crave for food and sleep on the streets? Guess not. We have enough money to buy milk and fruits to waste but why spend even 10 rupees for a needy child on the street?

Keeping in mind the modern era, I wish Munshi Premchand, popularly known as ‘the emperor of the hindi novels’, would have been alive. He might have written something based on Shivratri’s relevance in the modern context that could have made people understand the real essence behind celebrating and observing this day.

Munshi Premchand

Munshi Premchand

Premchand is the person behind ‘Godan’ who explained the world what could benefit the society, made people understand the significance of having faith in self in ‘Gaban’ and emphasized on the political and social meanings hidden in the novel, ‘Shatranj Ke Khiladi’.

If he could be of so much significance to the society he belonged, think what he could have done in today’s era. If not making people focus on the underlying meanings of tradition, religious rituals and the like, his novels could at least have made people pay some heed to why the beliefs, rituals and ceremonies regarding religious festivals such as Mahashivratri still exist. We would have been in a better position to understand and explain our future generations the value behind such religious ceremonies.

However, things are not so smooth and straight today. We have people who can mould situations and traditions to mean something else!

Just imagine if all these rituals, religious ceremonies and motives of celebrating Mahashivratri become a part of a rap song by none other than respected Yo Yo Honey Singh! Instead of ‘Chaar Bottle Vodka’, he might be seen singing something like ‘Chaar Bottle Bhaang Ka, Shiv Ji Ke Naam Ka’! (*winks*)

Yo Yo Honey Singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh

Just hoping against hope that everything turns out well today in temples and other religious institutions of the country and no nuisance is created on the streets or any other place, especially as ‘bhaang’ and marijuana are seen on the rise in several places today.

After all, all is well that ends well! Jai Bholenath!

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