Mysteries Of Five Temples In India That Have Challenged Even Science

mysterious temples in India

Mysterious temples in India – We can find temples almost at every nook and corner of India. Some temples are so beautifully constructed that they give a lot of peace. But there are some temples that are weird and strange.

You might have also heard of quite a few things about those temples that are mysterious and even pose a question to the modern day’s science. 

Here is the list of mysterious temples in India that has challenged science –

Nidhi Van – where Lord Krishna along with Radha visits the place :

Nidhi Van – Yes, a dense forest with lushes of greenery. Rangmahal the temple of Lord Krishna, in the dense forest of Nidhi van. Every day in the morning it is found that the sweet was half eaten and the clothes being used. When someone tried to have a watch on the happenings at night in the temple – they became blind, some die or some got insane. Even till date, the activities of the temple at night remains mysterious.

Veerabhadra temple – the mystery of hanging pillar:

This temple is  Andhra Pradesh which is best famous for its architectural designs. That is not all, the temple has 70 pillars and out of them, there is one pillar that seems to be hanging. We see a lot of people passing in cloth from below that pillar to actually satisfy themselves that the pillar is a hanging one and so there is a place for anything to pass beneath it. Nothing could let the secret of this hanging pillar out.

mysterious temples in India

Bullet Baba, a bike which drives by itself to places:

A man who used a bullet once met with an accident. The very next day the police recovered the body and the bullet from the place of the accident and kept the bike at the police station. To everyone’s surprise, the bike was again found at the place of the accident. This happened for several times and so the bike is set up there and the temple of bullet baba was built. Interesting! Could that be some kind of a good spirit?

mysterious temples in India

Jwala ka Temple – a temple of eternal flames:

The temple is known for the flame that had been burning continuously and the best part is without any source of fuel. There were many scientists and scientific organizations at the temple just to find out its secret.

mysterious temples in India

Sugali Mata temple, the story of titled necks of deities:

Located, in Marwar district of Rajasthan. The deities of this temple are said to have titled neck. When someone tried to correct it, they get sick and the necks never stayed straight.

mysterious temples in India

These are mysterious temples in India – Sound’s too interesting right. Yes, they are weird and strange that even science seems to fail in front of these mysteries!

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