It’s High Time To Launch Limca Book Of Biggest Indian Chu%@#as! Guess Who Are They?


Excited with this new proposal? Already making the list of people you think can feature in this record book?

Well, to be honest, if I were to make such a list, I would keep my name on the top! Followed by you all!


Let me tell you why!

I think I will count myself amongst one of the topmost chu%@#aas to be at the receiving end of all kinds of bullshit happening around me. The reason being that even after considering self a responsible citizen and an educated individual, I still let go of my duty to make the society a better place by the actions and decisions I make.


And so are all of you!

The politicians aren’t at fault for taking us all for granted. It’s their right that, someone passing racist remarks, someone else napping inside the parliament; someone watching porn during proceedings of the house and someone instigating people on religious lines; someone is talking about colour of skin to someone defying science and logic for their own selfish gains. It’s their way! All these political leaders are not in power because they wanted to, but solely for the reason that we, as individual voters, voted them in power! And what have we got? Some of the most obnoxious politicians who seem to have had their brains kidnapped during birth!

Why only politicians? We are the ones who have given crazy ass people like Kamaal R Khan a platform to vomit shit whenever he wants to. Yes, he is a so called entertainer, but does he really entertains? Is he really contributing to the growth of creative soul of our country? Absolutely not!

Kamaal R Khan

Kamaal R Khan

What about his female counterpart, Rakhi Sawant?

The lady who is a walking-talking advertisement of Botox is always around to give her opinions on everything in the country for her petty benefit of getting some role in a movie or show which she most probably doesn’t even deserve. However, she gets it because there are so many people who want to listen to our crap and laugh at her, rather than with her. But are we so intelligence deprived that we have to resort to such low-level gimmicks for our entertainment?

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant

These are just a couple of examples of people who are known to divide us, test our intelligence, play with our emotions and cheat us on every possible level. Whether it is our invaluable vote or precious time to be entertained, these people are hell bent on furthering their cause, at our cost!

Are we still up and about to do anything about this riotous ruling in India?

Are we taking a step ahead in the direction to bring meaningful entertainment to us?

Then who exactly should be put in the “Ch%@#as Hall of Fame”?

Well, it’s high time we stop such idiots from getting into power and if somehow they reach there, it becomes our duty to kick them out of that position by exercising our vote carefully! It is also a plea to those who do not get up to cast their vote!

It’s our responsibility to outcast the imprudent entertainers. SAY NO to crap!

Unless we do that, each one of us, the ordinary citizens will be in the Limca Book of Biggest Indian Chu%@#as and the real ones will laugh their way to the bank!

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