Never Say Goodbye – Emotions You Feel When Your Best Friend Moves To A New City

When your best friend moves to a new city, it shatters you. These are a few of the many emotions you go through when this happens.

We all have best friends and one of the reasons behind is that the two click on an emotional level.

Another hidden reason for the same is that they are always around.

But what if your best friend was to move away from your place to an altogether different city? Wouldn’t that shatter you?

So how do you cope with the anguish? Well, that actually happens with time and the manner in which you handle the entire situation.

Nevertheless, the initial days are bound to be hell and these are the experiences that you will go through –

When your friend breaks you the news of moving into a new city, it will strike you like a thunderbolt. You will try all forms of reasoning, in the process attempting to convince them about it being a wrong decision.


The next morning you wake up (and a few more days), you will feel sick knowing that your BFF will be around only for a restricted time duration. You will want to spend a considerable amount of time with them and make memories.


They will eventually leave your city. This is when you will find yourself constantly hung on to your phone checking for updates on their safe travel.


You will spend the next few days learning about their schedule so that you two are free and can have a pleasant and healthy conversation like the good ol’ days. Only this time, you will realise the distance.


The distance will further result in you two constantly messaging each other. The frequency of video chats will increase too.


One of the things that happen at this time is that you talk about diverse topics since you do not have much time. You need to hold back certain topics for the next session. The next time you interact, you have so many new topics that you can’t remember where you left off the last time.


Weekends are practically hellish. The one friend you hung out with on Saturdays and Sundays is no longer with you.


Gradually, the chats drift off from you to some new people that your friend might have met in the city they currently reside in. You will feel bouts of jealousy bursting forth whenever that particular name is brought up.


Birthdays and other celebrations are sad for the obvious reason that you best friend is missing.


There are positives however, as you get to know about a city you had never been to and would want to visit.


This leads to you two making plans, which is exciting and you focus on fashioning the perfect itinerary.


And when you meet them in the new city, it is the best feeling ever.


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